How to color each other in bed?

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Anastasia Kurshankova, the author of the Telegram channel “Tirelessly!” has tried on herself a chocolate body paint from HighOnLove.


© Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

And again about the beautiful things: the young Canadian brand HighOnLove makes wonderful intimate cosmetics in packages that look luxurious, they do not save on raw materials and use an unusual ingredient in the formulations – natural hemp oil. I tried their chocolate body paint and am ready to share my impressions!

The paint is in a large glass bottle in the shape of a diamond-cut heart, which looks spectacular and romantic, but creates some problems in use: the complex shape with corners does not allow you to put the bottle vertically, and you have to hold it in your hand while painting so as not to spill the contents – it was not very comfortable.

But everything else is well thought out: the diameter of the brush included in the kit is exactly such that only the tip is immersed in the chocolate, and for the same purpose there is a removable plastic stop on the neck of the bottle (after a while I got tired of drawing only thin lines, and I took it off)...

The taste is rich, moderately sweet, not chemical – “dark chocolate”. Most of all, I liked applying paint on the lips and kissing, but on the body it also showed itself perfectly – it did not stick. As for the interesting additives: caffeine as a stimulant and hemp oil are declared in the composition – I did not notice any special warming effect on the skin, but the impressions were – WOW!

Of course, such things are far from essential, especially considering the price, but if you want something special, then body paint will give an amazing tactile experience, incomparable with anything else.