HOT planet: cheap and nice

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Is it worth expecting something good from inexpensive devices? Anastasia Kurshankova, the author of the Telegram channel “Tirelessly!”, told us about it.


Text and photo: Anastasia Kurshankova (Tirelessly!)

Russian version

Another affordable Russian brand worthy of attention is Hot Planet. Most recently, they only had menstrual cups and basic toys without motors in their assortment, but now there are vibrators, and prices are still very low. Ideal for trying something new without going broke.

I was interested in two new Hot Planet products: Venus (a vibrator combined with a vacuum clitoral nozzle) and a Pluto mini finger vibrator. Both look interesting, and what they can do and how good they are – I'll tell you now.

Venus combines two of my favorite types of stimulation: vacuum-wave outside and powerful, high-quality vibration inside. Its immersed part is not too large, with a pleasant thickening towards the end. The socket of the clitoral nozzle also has the optimal size, and most importantly, the toy bends perfectly, that is, the nozzle is guaranteed to reach the clitoris. If you grip the vibrator with your hips, you can use it without hands (I've tried it, it's very convenient). Vacuum and vibration can be adjusted separately either with the buttons on the toy body, or using the control panel.

The brand positions the Pluto toy as a mini-vibrator for squirting but as for me, its motor is too high-frequency for this, albeit strong. But he succeeds in stimulating the clitoris and other sensitive zones perfectly, and the silicone ring holds the toy well on the finger, making the vibrator literally an extension of the hand. Ideal for extra stimulation during sex! Modes can also be switched both with a button on the case and using the remote control.

I was very pleased with the quality of the toys: for such a price, as a rule, you can buy only a weak vibrator with batteries, and here are excellent rechargeable devices. Even the remote control has its own battery, not batteries. I recommend it! Especially as the first toy, when it is not yet clear what exactly you want and the budget is limited.