Hit parade of suckers or Seven vacuum stimulants

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Catherine (Vibroduck of Love or just vibro.duck) with her own clitoris tested various vacuum stimulants, and shared her impression on which one will give the most vivid and high-quality orgasm.


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I was not sucked only by a vacuum cleaner. Everything that has vacuum stimulation technology, I proudly tested on myself. And this means that we will finally dot all Gs. In a wet battle for orgasm, Womanizer Premium, Womanizer Duo, Womanizer Liberty, We-Vibe Melt, Cuddly Bird, Lelo Sona and Satisfyer Pro will fight . Decent, right? Yes, this is the battle of the year!

I spent three days on each device. After all, I'm not a robot and I also need to tune up. How cool it was to make all these comparisons! I feel responsibility for those who still do not dare to take this step. Step into the world of fast but high-quality orgasms.

It all starts with eye contact and sympathy. I want to highlight Womanizer Premium white, Lelo Sona and the “bird” Cuddly Bird .

I'm crazy about White Womanizer Premium. White silicone is so noble, beautiful. And why are there so few white toys? Everything is pink and raspberry. On white silicone, cum and lubrication are the least visible. It is not easily soiled.

Lelo Sona hooked me with its form and a gold panel. It appeared elegant and luxurious.

The “Bird”, of course: it won the hearts of all, received awards and flew  around the world. The night cage looks amazing! I am particularly pleased with the color of tiffany. A-grades for these!

The second thing we pay attention to when turning on the toys is the noise. Measuring it in a calm state, I thought about the injustice of the experiments: toys in action and with lubrication sound louder. All brands will forgive me, but the purity of the experiment is the honor and face of the tester. Do not be surprised, all such stimulants “grunt” a little due to the vacuum effect and the lubricant .

The noise level of the Cuddly Bird is 55db, with the lubricant at the clitoris - 63db. Womanizer Premium - 74db, and in the "work" - 65db. Here I was pleased with the result. Apparently, it all depends on the depth of the socket. Womanizer Duo in its normal state is 0db, because it works only by touching the bell, while working - 55db. It seems to me that this noise level is associated with the gigantic size of the bell. Womanizer Liberty - 50db, and 61db at work. We-Vibe Melt - 53db, at work - 65db, and again the same story as with the “bird”. Apparently, the cast non-removable bell sounds louder with grease. Lelo Sona, come on, surprise us. In normal condition, its noise is 40db, in operation - 50db. Satisfyer Pro produced all 70db, and this is not surprising, at work - 83db.

Now the fun part. Orgasm. You know, I could turn on a stopwatch, paint tablets and draw conclusions, but it’s somehow soulless. So I tried my best. I tested the “suckers” in turn and all together. Solo and paired. Watching erotic films and drinking wine. Changed them every two minutes. My clitoris directly felt the term "forced orgasm". Well, and what’s the most fantastic in all this – it did not die. My clitoris is alive thanks to non-contact stimulation! It seems to me that with some kind of “bullets” or “wands” I would be rubbed into dust.

Most of all I liked to mix Premium and “bird” in turns. They seemed to me the most unannoying and long-playing devices. And then it dawned on me! For three weeks I wondered how to compare them: after all, they are different in form and purpose. As the saying goes, “the deadlines are burning, the people are asking for a name”, but I can’t ... I can’t, that's all. And this is how this mix saved me. I changed the “suckers” until they were completely discharged, and finally I was able to arrange them in order. Here is my personal hit parade of “suckers”.

Satisfyer Pro. Honorable last place. Good Old Pro, for such a long time! Satisfyer – is like to fly in the economy luggage compartment in Dubai. It was a start for those that found Womanizer too expensive. I'm not an exception. The model is old, noisy and rough and at the moment inferior to all the declared contestants. It is uncomfortable in terms of buttons. Orgasms came quickly, but all these flaws were wildly annoying during sex. A huge minus is a lie about waterproofing. Hey Satisfyer, give me the money back.

I give the sixth place to the “bird” Cuddly Bird . Tender baby and rather weak for quick orgasms. She is good for arousal. She is very, very, very good to be with for a long time. She is not boring. If the orgasm is not the goal, then you will like it. Especially if you are not alone. It takes 10-15 minutes to orgasm. But there is no need to wind up and forcibly delay the orgasm, because it is so far away. Her bright advantages – she is soft and light. The minuses - the indentation of the bell is small, and this also affected the place of the “bird”: not every clitoris can accept such a “beak”.

Fifth place – Womanizer Liberty, a beautiful shell with a secret. Because it is more powerful than a bird, but more boring than all the others. It’s a “sucker” without specials. Simple, reliable and standard. Well, what else can you expect from a travelling variant? “Liberty” sucks normally: not too rudely, not too gently. Plus, it has a cap, which carefully protects the bell from dirt. I did not find any obvious minuses.

Number Four – We-Vibe Melt. For the very first time, it seemed very rude to me, but it was a mistake. In fact, it is very powerful. Like Lelo Sona! But Melt also has a big step between speeds. Therefore, the first speeds were not enough, but a little higher – it already hurts. Here I fell into such a ditch. So We-Vibe Melt gets the fourth place only because it has the most ideal form for sex with a partner. It is a really comfortable and flat "sucker". You can lie on it and chat in the application, its nose does not interfere with your partner, unlike Womanizer Premium. I sincerely hope that We-Vibe will make Melt more tender.

Bronze goes to Lelo Sona. She deserves to be in the top three. Its power is enough for the most insensitive clitoris. She is really “deep”, it seems that the clitoris is teased not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Buttons do not light up on her, like a long-range headlight on an SUV, and she herself works quieter than anything. She delivers strong orgasms. She is good in the fight against sexual hunger.

Silver I give to Womanizer Duo. This monster has the largest and the most powerful bell that sticks to the clitoris, like an octopus to a victim. Duo has a pleasant and not very rude vacuum, and step between levels is small. Of course, in combination with the appendix - it is a fierce colossus for knocking out orgasms. But individually, they are just as good. The shortcoming is the control panel. Still the buttons need to be distanced away from each other. The dividing strip did not help, it’s still not clear what and where to click.

The Golden First place – Womanizer Premium. It is the only one which gives me a regular squirt on the third or fourth orgasm. The softest, the most delicate and sensual. The most tender “sucker”. It is ok to use without lubricants. He has modes which gives it an advantage over everything else. It can also be strong at last speeds. A universal thing which is suitable for 95% of the owners of the clitoris. After all the toys, it is the only one I want to return to. It's the best. Of the minuses: the tip is too big, and it interferes with sex. But in solo play it's a loaded gun! If you lower and slightly recline the Womanizer, then it will like squeezing the entrance to the vagina. This gives unreal excitement. Womanizer has got four keys, and they are all intuitive. In general, here is the one, the only, the best!

What I refused to compare was prices: quality, comfort and health are expensive and endless orgasms with a “living” clitoris are priceless! Thanks to all.