High on Love Massage Oil

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Blogger Ronny Black, the author of the “Saliva is not a lubricant” telegram channel, has tested a sensual massage oil of the Canadian brand on her skin and tongue.


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I really love massage oils and massage candles. In general, I'm still a kinesthetic. But not all of them are equally useful: some can give off a strong “chemical” smell, some have a too pronounced aroma which almost makes you feel dizzy, and some leave sticky traces after absorption. In general, it is still necessary to choose wisely, so that your skin remains happy. I am fussy. Today I will tell you about the massage oil of the new High on Love brand from Canada.

Let's start with the fact that the packaging is straightforward “luxurious”, that is, you pick up a bottle and understand that it is expensive and rich. Transparent cylindrical glass bottle, unobtrusive design, in general everything is as it should be. As a gift to someone, as well as a gift to yourself, this is a great thing.

It consists only of natural oils and vitamin E. The range of smells is limited, but they are all very interesting. I have a lychee-martini aroma, and there are also lavender-honey, strawberry-champagne and white chocolate.

The cap simply unscrews, you do not need to break your nails for the cap to come off (which is important, believe me!). And the oil spills out not just because you turned the bottle over. The bottle must be shaken to get drops of oil on the skin. That is, consumption will not be huge because you yourself control the amount of product that you need.

The texture of the oil is very dense, it fits perfectly evenly on the skin, and it glides superbly. In fact, due to the texture, the consumption decreases: you do not need so much for your body. I have already managed to smear it all over with it more than once, but nothing left. After drying, it does not stick, does not roll, but simply leaves your skin perfectly velvety.

As for the smell: I have it sweet, as if “lychee-martini” hints at this, but it is not “chemically” sweet, again, and absolutely unobtrusive. That is, the smell will not hit the nose at all, which is a plus, since not all people (both men and women) love bright aromas.

The website says it is edible. In general, yes, the oil is natural in composition, but I tried it, and somehow it was not right: all the same, this oily taste remains in the mouth. There is no need to use oil as a lubricant: all oils are absolutely not friendly with latex condoms. But if you have polyisoprene or polyurethane, then you can. Well, in general, you should not use oils for vaginal sex: inside they leave an oil cover that will interfere with the natural microflora of the vagina.

Resume: the oil is just for those who take care of their body, for those who value economical consumption (I will probably be using my oil for a year), for those who love beautiful packages that are not ashamed to put it on the bedside table... I estimate it is 9/10, just because it is inedible.