Fun Math: Gplug + Gring = GKit

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Sex blogger NochnajaSkazka (Night Story) has tested a set from G-vibe.


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A butt plug (Gplug) with a ring (Gring) from G-vibe is a tandem for those who are interested in trying anal sex, but scared by the size of their partner or toys from an adult store.

Today we have to review a whole mini-set – this is a soft vibrating butt plug in pink color and a small ring, it is also a control panel. This combination is very convenient, because changing the speeds in certain positions, constantly trying to find the switch button is not always convenient and you don't want to lose your pace, but here all can be controlled with a ring.


This is really a very small plug, with a circumference of 2.8 cm, it is just perfect for beginners who want more density and penetration sensations or prepare for more. It is created from soft and delicate bioskin (the patented material of G- vibe themselves). The material perfectly transfers heat, heats up quickly, does not cause discomfort either in a calm state or during movement.

It's very cool to take it outside, because the cork can vibrate! And it is controlled from the ring.

Before inserting the plug: first, use any water or hybrid (silicone +water) lubricant, and do not forget about long-term foreplay and arousal. Make sure that the ring and plug are working in tandem before insertion.


Also made of bioskin, it fits very tightly and well on the finger. With this ring you can control not only the plug, but also several other G-vibe toys. The ring can be used not only as a controller, but also as a mini-stimulator of the clitoris and other parts of the vulva, and also during oral sex. That is, in one set you get two toys at once.


There is one button on the cork and it is on the base. The button is rubberized, feels good and is easy to find by touch, even in the dark. The modes go in a circle, to return to the previous one, you need to scroll through the entire cycle. There are three buttons on the ring: the main one, plus and minus, they are on top. All control is very convenient to carry out with one hand.

Safety is very important. The Gplug's stopper base is slightly wider than the toy's widest diameter, which means it won't fall inward.


Even at the first speed, the legs buckle, the toys are insanely powerful and tangible. But between the modes there is no particular difference, the transition is smooth and pleasant, there is no desire to pull it out immediately.


Despite the wild power, both toys are quiet, especially when the Gplug is inside, so you can go for a walk with it or sit in a restaurant without fear, giving control to your partner.

Vibration modes

The ring and the plug have 6 of them. There are waves, discos, and slow modes. Everyone will find their own.


As usual with G-vibe toys, the set includes a storage case, the two toys, a magnetic charger and a manual.

I would recommend this toy for both beginners in anal sex and for those who are more experienced. Of course, you need to find the ideal pose and properly prepare so that new sensations do not bother you, there is no discomfort, but all this is individual, it took me just a couple of minutes to forget that it was in me. Any posture, any movement – nothing pricks, does not hurt.

I liked how intense the sensations were not only for me, but also for the partner. Since he felt vibration through the back wall of the vagina, it was slightly transmitted to him. Plus, of course, the vagina becomes tighter, narrower and more sensitive.

In any case, this is a great toy to try, feel and learn new sides of your sensations.