Ghosting Remedy by Bijoux Indiscrets

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The author of the telegram channel Alpha | Like Adults has tested clitoris balm.


Russian version

The Spanish brand Bijoux Indiscrets seems to have come up with what the whole world needed, the world just didn't know about it: a clitoris balm. Words cannot convey how pleased I am with the concept of this product which stands on a par with such an everyday thing as a lip balm, and at the same time uses the similarities between applying a cosmetic product and clitoral masturbation.

They have four balms in the line, each with its own aroma and a funny modern name with a description:

– ginger Sexting Balm, as the name says - balm for sexting, offers help for one hand, when with the other you are involved in some hot correspondence;
– aniseed Bad Day Killer – “The killer of a bad day” encourages you to give yourself a little love in those days when the rest of the world is clearly against you;
– sandalwood Horny Jar – this “Jar of Excitement” – will support you even in sex with a loved one, even in a masturbatory attempt to recover from unrequited love;
– vetiver Ghosting Remedy – “When you are ignored” (this one I chose for the review) – promises to comfort you in the event that you suddenly nobody answers your calls and messages.

What is the balm to use? It has a dense, oily texture that melts on the fingers, but thanks to the candelilla wax in the composition, the balm still does not turn into an absolutely liquid oil: be prepared for a minor stickiness. You can add lubricant on top. The heat comes out pleasant and even, it is noticeable, but not hot (Wicked Ultra Heat, I'm looking at you). It starts to warm up almost immediately, but stops after 20 minutes at the very least, so it's better not to waste it for five minutes – you will want to continue even after the orgasm.

What's inside? 8 grams of a mixture of oils and wax, as well as aromatic substances: there is shea butter, cocoa and coconut, there is tocopherol, aka vitamin E, there is a skin-related squalene, but there are also several substances, like eugenol and geraniol, that can cause irritation. They provide a pleasant vetiver scent and I think it would be difficult to exclude them from the composition, but be careful if you are prone to allergies, and, just in case, wash off the balm after use.

What else? Apply only outside, prevent others from licking the balm off you, avoid contact with eyes, and store in a cool place. It works as well on the head of the penis as on the clitoris, but on the nipples, it is weak.