G-Spot Bullet by Je Joue

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Our author Tanya Asharina tested a toy from the Je Joue brand which recently appeared in Russia and discovered an additional function in it.


Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

G-Spot Bullet by Je Joue simply fascinated me with its packaging! Put it on the perfume shelf in a cosmetics store – and hardly anyone will suspect anything. But, as you know, they are greeted by their clothes, and escorted by vibration. I wanted to quickly find out if the contents of this box are so wonderful. After several weeks of testing, I'm ready to share my impressions!

The vibrator has a modest size: the total length is 11 cm. The surface is made of dark turquoise silicone, the curved tip is softer than the main length, there are 3 convex buttons on the barrel. At the base there is a soft hinged plug that allows access to the charging socket. Although the device claims to be waterproof, I would not recommend submerging it in water. Still, magnetic charging is much more credible than Micro-USB.

The small motor employs 7 vibration patterns and 5 speeds. The toy is very quiet, which will especially delight people living with children, parents or neighbors. The vibration here is low-frequency and therefore rather “deep”. And by the way: at low speed the toy behaves like a real pulsator! The head rocks back and forth, which will be especially pleasant during stimulation of the G-spot. The higher the speed, the more the toy resembles a classic vibrator.

I first tried the device as a clitoral stimulator. It was quite comfortable to hold the bullet, and to switch gears too. Even with my low sensitivity, the toy was able to please me, but this required maximum power and a little longer than usual. The first four modes do not impress me personally, but for high / medium sensitivity this will most likely be enough.

During the first use, I felt warmth in the barrel of the device. First thought: “Oh! Great, my first heated toy!” Second thought: “Stop! What? There should be no heating in it!” I went to the FAQ on the manufacturer's website and found out that this is a feature of the motors of all toys of the brand. Here is the official answer: “It's okay. The toy will feel warm to the touch when you use it, but not warmer than a laptop if it has been turned on for a while. You can be sure that the toy is fully tested for electrical compliance and there is no risk in normal use.” It remains only to take their word for it. I kept the bullet on for about 20 minutes, it heats up noticeably, but it did not cause me physical discomfort. True, I already foresee people who will carry their toys from Je Joue back to sex shops with the requirement to check the goods for defects. For the manufacturer it would not hurt to place information about the heating of motors directly in the instructions and in large letters.

Stimulation of the G-spot seemed to me more interesting at low speed, since the vibrations of the toy head are clearly felt. It feels good, but be prepared for the grip to slip a lot due to the lubricant, and it becomes quite difficult to find the buttons. To tell you the truth, it was entirely my mistake: I am not used to small devices and, out of habit, poured much more lubricant than is required for such a crumb. True, for girls with their own abundant lubrication, the problem will be relevant in any case, so you need to keep this in mind. As a result, I can say that I love the feeling of fullness more, so I will hardly use the toy vaginally anymore.

The G-Spot Bullet is not really my story, but I can recommend it for girls with high/medium sensitivities, as well as for those who prefer G-spot stimulation and fingering. Although the device is not without its drawbacks, it still has much more advantages. I hope that the brand will find its place in the Russian market and in the hearts of customers.

The toy was provided for a test by the Soho Wellness wholesale company.