Freedom tampons – real freedom?

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The author of the telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant” shared with us the impressions of her friends about “sponges” for sex during menstruation.


Text and photo: Ronny Black (Saliva is not a lubricant)

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Eh-oh, many have been waiting for this and for a long time, and it finally happened! In the review, we have Freedom soft-tampons from Joy division! These are small soft hypoallergenic sponges that are inserted into the vagina in order to avoid bloody marks on the underwear, genitals, and in some cases, perhaps, on the face. Well, in general, you understand the scheme of work, I hope.

I'll make a reservation right away and I'll be honest with you, my close couple of friends tested it, since my libido waves goodbye to me during my period and forcing myself to test something… well, you understand. So, I, without a twinge of conscience, gave the samples to my wonderful testers, and that's what happened.

Given: a couple who do not have vanilla sex but quite aggressive at times. That is, no slow penetrations and so on. They see the goal and don't see any obstacles, yeah. Plus, they actively use all kinds of assortment from sex shops. The man has an average penis sensitivity, and the lady has a physiological feature that can allow such a tampon to stick a little between the cervix and the vaginal wall, if it is very, very aggressive and actively engaged in sex.

1. The tampon was not felt in any way. Absolutely! Neither on one side, nor on the other.

2The lady inserted the tampon with a water-based lubricant. Everything went well. For the sake of experiment, I also tried to insert it and get it out, by the way. I also went smoothly.

3. It was comfortable to take out. There is such a slot-loop, which you cling to with your finger – and you're done. Nothing got stuck anywhere, gave no discomfort.

4. A friend inserted a tampon a couple of hours before sex on the day of the bloodiest moon. There were active games for about an hour, and not a single leak. But she's not sure if it would have lasted any longer. True, this is logical, as these tampons are not worn for a good half of the day, let's be honest.

5. Since it is still a sponge, when taking it out, everything was clean, and you are not up to the elbows in blood. You pull it out, throw it away – and no problems.

In general, it is approved and found to be of extreme suitability. This kind of thing is really a salvation during your period, no kidding. They don’t come very cheap of course. However, if you suddenly have an unexpected rendezvous, then a great solution is to keep a small package of such tampons and not deny yourself the pleasure. Moreover, let's be honest, these are not condoms to use every time, so even a small pack of three will last for long.

Total: a must! Cons may arise based on your personal physiology.