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Blogger O-la-la shared her impressions of the “pearl unrealistic dildo for real princesses” with us.


Text and photo: O-la-la

Russian version

To be honest, I have never looked at toys under the direct light, but this thing shines and beckons. And yes, I admired it in the light of the sun: very beautiful! And the base (sucker) in the form of a heart is only an addition to its image. About such a dildo, no prude can even think “oh, what is it?”. Because it is beautiful.

The most delicate to the touch, not a single seam. There is no pronounced head, only a flexible, very flexible barrel. The “nose” is slightly bent upwards, but it can be done for it, it is gorgeous. Before I met this “unicorn” I had not seen such flexibility in its “brothers”, the “twine” seems to be the same, but there is also a “deflection”. It's agile, that's the perfect word.

Silicone is smooth, pleasant to the touch, quickly takes on body temperature, absolutely safe, and easy to care for. Non-porous and dust-free. Strap-on-Me included a storage bag. A trifle, but so nice.

One thing can be said about the suction cup: it is powerful. Therefore, think 10 times before attaching it to the tile. If you are not sure of its solidity, do not do it. Both funny and scary. I glued to the window sill the nozzle to demonstrate the techniques. As a result, when I finished, I pulled with all my weight and could not peel it off. “Dead”, so to speak. But that's cool!

For playing solos this handsome “guy” can be attached to almost any smooth surface or, for example, on a tray. And the suction cup is so wide that it fits comfortably into any strap-on belt, does not jump out through the ring and is pleasant to the body.

The length of the dildo is universal – 17 cm, diameter – 3.3 cm. I have a size M, but the line is large – from S to XL.

Strap-on-Me have always fought for quality, and it's noticeable. Among the many realistic and unrealistic dildos, this one has become my favorite. He is outwardly beautiful, and performs his functions with a bang. Balance. Here it is!

The dildo was submitted to the test by the brand Strap-on-Me with the assistance of