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Blogger O-la-la tested massage candles from Biomed Nutrition.


Text and photo: O-la-la

Russian version

A massage with warm oil above room temperature is a bliss. A special kind of pleasure. Biomed Nutrition delighted us with their yin-yang candles and surprised us very much. After all, I have long been completely and irrevocably in love with Shunga and I have something to compare with, so what did I find in the end?

A standard container, and inside there are two cells in the form of yin-yang. Oils differ slightly in smell, which means they can be used separately or mixed! What a charm I thought, and then I felt the oil envelop my skin, and I stopped thinking altogether. If we compare, then Shunga is denser in consistency, while Biomed Nutrition immediately envelops, and you instantly dissolve in it, or maybe this is a matter of pheromones and at Biomed they just suited me better.

The shape of the cells is also just a bomb: it is ideal to pour oil through the narrowed part. And it looks just fantastic, aesthetic pleasure.

The aroma is not pronounced, which is great. You don't always want the smell to overshadow everything, but here, pheromones are mixed with the smell of the body, and this is divine. In general, the line of fragrances is very large, including “Strawberry in Cream”, and “Fruit Fantasy”, and “Mystery of the East”. By the way, I had it, but it is not at all like other “Oriental tales”, which literally strangle with their “East”. It is wonderful that you can buy a set of candles from Biomed of 4 pieces, and arrange real SPA evenings for yourself and your soul mate.

If you use a candle to massage the whole body, then one cell is enough for 1 massage, if the host is a man, but this is exclusively from my experience.

Another nuance and difference between Biomed Nutrition and Shunga is the main container. In Biomed it is white without a single inscription. And it is great if you want to arrange a real surprise for your partner. And if you close it with a lid, then you can confuse it with a cream.

To summarize: incredibly melting delicate texture, not very economical consumption, but it is compensated by the price. With Shunga, the consumption is no smaller, only because the oil melts longer. Pleasant and very light aromas that can be mixed in order to find your ideal one. And the container. Without unnecessary designations. Am I surprised? Highly! And this surprise is extremely pleasant.

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