Fifth capsule

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Our new author HannaPlay shared her impressions of the Men's Max Pocket Masturbator.


Text and photo: HannaPlay

Russian version

I got into my playful hands a capsule in black with the Ougi code name for the relief. This compact pocket-sized masturbator really fits in your hand. Initially, the ideology was as follows: you suddenly felt the urge to let off steam, you take out such a masturbator and enjoy it without unnecessary discomfort and with additional stimulation. The disposability of pocket masturbators for most was and remains a myth, since the quality allows you to use the toy repeatedly, depending on the intensity and pressure of passion. Even if the masturbator breaks, you can continue to use it.

A specific representative of the Capsule from Men’s Max is made from an extra-gentle material that envelops the penis (you can only stimulate the head or stretch it to its full length). It doesn't even look like a marshmallow (like Tenga EGG or Hedy), but like a soufflé. The relief and light sucking effect can only be felt by the owner of a sensitive penis, for the rest there will be no pronounced stimulating effect.

– the line includes 6 color options (numbers and reliefs, respectively) – pink, blue, yellow, green, black and white;
– six different reliefs create recognizable Japanese ornaments – sakura flowers, fan folds, waves, scales;
– the masturbators are made in Japan, the company takes pride in its own products, their quality and design;
– with capsules, you can use only water-based lubricants, the set comes with a sachet, which will be enough for a couple of times;
– it is imperative to wash and dry the toy after use if you want to extend its life, otherwise the material sticks turns into snot;
– after washing, sprinkle the masturbator with special powder, but it is important not to forget to wash it off (read the instructions);
– for use in pairs, the capsule is perfect – it's more fun together;
– for external stimulation, the masturbator can be put on a vibrator or fingers, the sensations will be softer;
– the capsule is not suitable for use as a nozzle or a condom, as it will definitely slip in the process (and there are still no guarantees of impermeability).

Summary. The capsule can be taken for fun, a special evening, pocket version, presentation and other occasions. The material is extremely delicate, so hardcore games will not be suitable.