Exciting gel 12 volts from JO

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How 12 volts works, told us the author of the telegram channel “Uncle Terin”.


Text and photo: Uncle Terin

Russian version

It sounds almost scary, it immediately conjures up thoughts about electrical stimulation. But panic aside, I'm talking about JO's 12 Volt.

It seems that they changed the formula a little and now the entry into the gel is more pleasant, there is no burning sensation, as it was before. In time, it really takes about 5 minutes with an average sensitivity, it is best to apply it in an excited state, the smell is pleasant, the texture is excellent.

With my average sensitivity, the gel made me feel funny and warm, I mainly use it for masturbation, when conductivity drops or it takes a long time to get an orgasm, and such things have happened periodically lately. So, for me it became a small but useful lifesaver.

I also tested the gel on Jamie, who was already familiar with this line up to this point and spoke about them like this: “I can't, but you can smear this thing on the penis and treacherously fuck someone” (here be sounds of devilish laughter). As you can understand, he is still an experimenter.

Option one

When there is excitement and mood in the part of the brain, and the body has not yet reacted.

Then the gel needs about ten minutes, this is a good option. If you take these ten minutes with kisses and other pleasant things, while not touching or using the genitals in any way, then the effect of the gel is smooth and unfolds as the body is excited and responds to caresses.

Option two

Application of the gel to the area of the hood and clitoris in a physiologically excited state. The gel starts to work faster, but still, there is no aggressive heat. It accelerates slowly and improves the quality of sex itself. Foreplay becomes more palpable, the body responds faster, more natural lubrication is released (which is undoubtedly a plus). It turns out to disperse the body for an easier orgasm from external stimulation, but I recommend combining penetration and soft external, then there is a high percentage that it will be possible to get an orgasm from frictions. This is still not guaranteed, but the percentage of such opportunities is getting much higher.

The effect of the gel very smoothly fades away, it is difficult to notice that border when it stops acting, and you don't want to. Because this is not the state when you run to the bathtub to wash off with the words “Help, everything is on fire!” And the state when you walk around the house for about half an hour wagging your hips from pleasant sensations.

For people with penises, this gel can help if the sensitivity of the head is very reduced due to circumcision or frequent rough masturbation only on the head. The gel improves blood flow and helps to finish faster.

The gel is submitted to the blogger for a test by the online store tizzi.ru.