Everygirl by Rock-Off from GB

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“Since long ago, I have seen Rocks-Off as a synonym of strong prostate stimulators and equally strong vibrobullets. A simple but trustworthy brand. Nowadays, the company's range is significantly broader and, mostly, curious”, says Alpha.


Text and photo by: Alpha| Like adults

Russian version

Fluorescent or color-changing vibrators are unlikely to astonish clients anymore. But no other brand offers a collection of steampunk toys, a rabbit vibe with extremely ergonomic grip or a vibrator for rubbing! And I do regret the fact that Rocks-Off discontinued their Unihorn, a vibrobullet in the form of a unicorn's horn. Add English quality to this one-of-a-kind device (so rarely found on sex-toy market, unfortunately) and you will get a brand worth mentioning along with the German Fun Factory and the Canadian We-Vibe.

Overall, Rocks-Off has long since joined my white list of manufacturers. When I was offered to write a review on their new toy with a funny name, Everygirl (“any”, “each”), I agreed despite my suspiciousness towards rabbit vibrators.

What's in the box?

The packaging by Everygirl is among those I like: no excessive cardboard or plastic stuff, no intrusive nudity. The box is black, decorated with golden flowers on the edges. On the front side there is a photo of the device, on the backside there is a short list of characteristics in 5 languages. Including Russian, that's quite odd, because inside the box you will only find an English-speaking user's guide. And of course, there is a USB cable for magnetic charge.

Basic information

This particular rabbit has a curious shape. The shaft is triangular in cross-section: the part to be pressed against the anterior (front-most) vaginal wall is protruded under a certain angle for greater stimulation because it is under the frontal wall where a sensitive spot called clitoral-urethral-vaginal junction is located. 

The additional pressure on this area is likely to please many girls. The flip side of this type of design is a thick shaft: 11 cm in circumference and 3.5 cm in diameter. May not fit every girl, I am afraid. The clitoral stimulator is also significantly wider than usual but in this case its thickness looks more appropriate. First, such space is enough to be placed a bigger motor (and more powerful one). Second, such stimulator is sure to target vulva as a whole and not only the head of the clitoris. Both parts are very agile-the fact that lets them be better fit your contour. And, as the clitoral stimulator can serve as a stopper, if you wish, you can use Everygirl for anal stimulation as well.

The toy is covered with smooth medical silicone (the seam is almost invisible, you can only detect it on the shaft’s top) except for its bottom: there you can see a ”cup” made from metalized abs plastics. Beneath, there is a led lamp that is on at the moment of switching the toy and while charging. The device is waterproof.

“You can immerse it fully in water”, the manufacturer says. Still, no exact IP index is indicated, so you would better avoid leaving the toy under water for a long time. The lithium battery, if fully charged, can last for 3 hours, the same amount of time is needed for complete charging of the device. You should charge the device for at least 40 minutes before the first use, the manufacturer recommends. How do you know it is ready for use? Once the green light is on, it is ok.

Everygirl is made in the following colors: teal, burgundy and black.

Dimensions: length-18cm (insertable length 11.5cm), width-3.5cm. The length of the clitoral stimulator is of 6cm, its width is of 3cm, the length of the applicable spot-3cm.Weight: 147g


First of all, I would like to hail Everygirl’s buttons! They are bulging (sure to be found even at the hottest moments), covered with silicone (won’t be spoiled by lubricants or other liquids), they are easy to
press, but not too easy. However, the control system requires some training:
– to switch on the toy, you need press any of the two buttons, the only way to know it is ready is when the led lamp on the bottom is switched on;
– the vibration will not start until you sel ect the part to be activated first through pressing the corresponding button.

It is impossible to return the toy to stand-by mode: a quick press will send you to select the modes of vibration, a long press will switch the sex toy off. There is no button lock for safe travelling.

The motors are two, as I said earlier: one in each part of the toy. But their strength and vibration are certainly different. The motor for internal stimulation is significantly more powerful and I suspect this fact can help you to succeed in implementing the notorious ‘bridge technique’ (I am unable to prove that, though). The motor in the clitoral stimulator is much weaker and acts superficially. Besides, the point of maximum intensity is located rather low, so girls whose clit is located far fr om their vagina can find such stimulation insufficient. Double frustration. Anyway, selecting a toy to fit your anatomy is a general weak spot of rabbit vibrators and other toys with dual stimulation, this is something you will have to accept.

Each of the two motors has 10 modes: steady vibration at 3 levels of intensity, 3 “dotted” vibration lines with different break length and 4 creative patterns similar to a “wave”. A generous offer, but it is too much. Using one single button to select among ten modes one by one proves to be trying even at the pre-view stage. Imagine doing this at the moment of arousal! Such practice will suit those who prefer long-lasting, step-by-step investigation of their own body.

The modes are switched along with color-changing light at the bottom of the toy. However, the colors are organized according to some tricky principle: red, green, yellow, teal, white fading to red, white, orange-almost equal to red, pink, teal-but paler. In case you select different modes on the two motors activated at once, the colors will switch between. Someone will appreciate this to remember the favorite combination of patterns, but I haven’t found it useful.

As for noise and power, they are not equally distributed: the clit stimulator at its maximum power is as loud as 52 dB. To be honest, it is quieter. The same amount of decibels-52-is the quietest sound the shaft can give. It seems to sound much louder. Both motors switched at once at maximum power will give 56-60dB.

Target audience

Everygirl must fit those who like the sensation of fullnes and some pressure on the frontal vaginal wall, a widespread focus on their vulva. The device may help to implement the ‘bridge’ technique.

It may be unsuitable for freshmen in vaginal stimulation who seek for clitoral focus first of all or those who need a device for the shortest way to climax or just need a quiet sex toy.


An attractive bunny vibe meant for experienced audience.

The vibrator has been provided for test by Freud’s shop