EroExpo-2019: bloggers experiences

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The editors of asked bloggers to share their impressions of the exhibition. We have gathered these impressions into one publication to share it with you.



On November 1-3, a large-scale exhibition of goods for adults was held in Moscow. The tenth in Moscow and the first for me. An abundance of new acquaintances, useful information and impressions. Masses of impressions!

Over 400 representatives. Exotic stands. Bright people! The energy that conquered me.

And here is my TOP-3 most vivid impressions!

Shiri Zinn booth Frankly, I had never seen such beauty anywhere before. Shiri is a designer of unique and conceptual toys and devices. Looking at her work, even the shyest girl will not run away screaming. Realistic «ice creams», delicious cupcake- vibrators! And her BDSM devices are works of art. They are manually decorated with beads. Chic strap-ons, for divas no less! Gags, clips, stacks. Better to see and touch once than read 100 times!

Orgie company. The European brand of sex cosmetics. A novelty in the Russian market. Esthetes will definitely appreciate the design! A huge line of quality cosmetics. Oils for oral sex. Not cloying! Not sticky! Delicious. And a feather for games in the kit. Body oil made of natural components. It is so viscous, as if hinting at massage with something more to come. But the liquid vibrator hit me the most. Not the first I tried but it seems to be the most powerful.

«Andrey» company booth is a business for adults. A very large one. Here work the representatives of Eromantica - a company that conducts educational and entertaining girl-parties. A cozy place for negotiations and a large number of partners. All on one stand.

It took me about a week to recover and digest everything. It was very cool and productive. See you in 2020!

Rada Kovaltsova

Top 3 impressions from the exhibition.

Scale. A huge pavilion, with dense, but not trendy booths placement. It was surprising that with a seemingly rare opportunity to show yourself and look at others, large manufacturers came up with such small investments to such an important moment as brand positioning with the help of the exhibition space. Either I am spoiled by the multimillion-dollar investments by pharmaceutical companies in building up at conferences, or my ideas about the margin level of the sex shop industry were distorted, but I really expected more.

Foreign representatives from the exhibitors who eagerly grabbed my every word and clung to the opportunity to speak with a person who is fluent in English. They complained to me about difficulties in communicating with many participants due to the lack of a common language, and I thought that at b2b exhibitions everyone should own it. Well, if this was the case before, why do they come to represent their brands without an interpreter again and again?

I was struck on the spot by this atmosphere! Despite the first two impressions above, people, their smiles, openness, willingness to communicate, demonstrations, exchange of impressions, opinions, a desire to be useful, give advice, share experience - this is amazing!!!

Conclusion: this is an insanely cool, new and interesting world for me and I want to plunge into it again and again! Thank you!

Anna VRayu

Most of all I liked unusual, unique products: a large forged cage, elegant woven leather swings, high-quality stitched beautiful costumes... Probably now in the era of large marketplaces when there is no point in competing in prices small brands will be able to survive solely due to some truly unique products. And it’s understandable because in fact the whole 18+ industry is not about sex, but about emotions!

Julia Kharitonova

It was an anniversary exhibition and it was beautiful. The main organizers were «Andrey», «Bior-Opt», «Pikanto», «Satisfyer». At the exhibition, you could see, touch, smell, taste - vibrators, masturbators, erection rings, lubricants, body gels, crystal dildos, erotic clothing, everything for BDSM comfort, and virtual porn reality.

I was surprised by the light atmosphere of easy communication. Representatives of companies were happy to demonstrate their products, talk about them, give out presents paying due attention to each exhibitor who came to their booth.

For myself I particularly highlighted several companies: «Satisfyer» and «Svakom» – out of competition and this is understandable. I was fascinated by the amazing vibrators from «Gvibe» – the texture of the material, which is heated by hand, technical specifications, beautiful colors, and beautiful representatives of this manufacturer.

«VR GRA» company – the virtual world of erotica. The girl Julia, who told and showed how virtual glasses work, just made my day with her positive, light and open approach.

«Frenzy Love» – leather clothes, masks, whips and everything for beautiful BDSM. It was interesting to touch, touch, try on. A great option for those who like to bring in a little masquerade to their sex life.

There was a Japanese company, unfortunately, I do not remember the name, and I was very pleased with its masturbators, realistic vaginas and anuses made of amazing soft material.

«The Pink Rabbit», as always, amused everyone with its bunnies and teased with gifts. We missed Maximilian Lapin a lot.

So for me, the 10th anniversary exhibition EroExpo-2019 was held in one breath, or rather an erotic aspiration.