Erection vibrating ring Juke by ROMP

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Alpha Blogger | Like adults tells why she respects these devices in general and what is their main paradox.


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There is an opinion that against the background of a self-isolation regime, sales of sex toys can grow: it inevitably becomes boring at home, it is dangerous to have sex, and masturbating in the old way is boring, so you have to buy gadgets that improve your sensations. However, there is an opposite opinion, confirmed by the participants of the adult goods market: amidst the crisis, people tend to save money rather than spend them on sex devices. The truth, I think, is somewhere in between.

In 2018, the star of sex toy industry, Womanizer, acquired another famous brand – We-Vibe. The resulting concern was called WOW Tech, and now it produces gadgets of both brands. But more recently, this company has released a completely new line of nine toys called ROMP. If Womanizer is a luxury segment, and We-Vibe is high-tech, then the ROMP concept is “stylish-fashionable-youth”: simple lines, bright like a brand new set of felt-tip pens, colors are democratic compared to their famous predecessors, prices.

Of course, I became interested in the new brand: did it inherit the high-quality of We-Vibe engines and the thought-out design of the Womanizer? I decided to check on the type of toys that is often overlooked, and I really respect these devices for many applications. Meet: erection vibro-ring ROMP Juke.

What is in the box?

A small cardboard box decorated in azure and yellow tones is full of interesting stuff. Firstly, there, of course, lies the ring itself and the USB wire with a plug, by the way, the plug is yellow, so it’s easy to find it in a bunch of other wires. Secondly, the instruction is in 13 languages (for some reason, not everything is translated, but everything else seems understandable from the drawings) – if you turn it over, you can get a mini-poster with several ROMP toys and the slogan “pleasure to the people!”. The first time I saw this, it read very provocatively. The third point is even more enthusiastic – a sheet with 15 stickers of varying degrees of obscenity: from a heart with the signature “Send Nudes” to an anatomically accurate image of a penis with a scrotum. Finally, a tiny double-sided brochure is embedded in the box: if you open it from the HAPPY side, you will see how you can express your joy from a new purchase (tell friends and girlfriends, write a review on Amazon, follow ROMP on Instagram). If on the other hand you open it, from the UNHAPPY side, then there is an e-mail for complaints and other contacts – the company promises to do everything to improve your mood.

Basic information

The ring itself is made of bright blue medical silicone, the button is made of yellow abs plastic. Under the button there is an embossed name of the label, on the back there is a standard marking that a toy that has served its purpose requires special disposal. On the side there is a charger socket and a seam. Neither one nor the other prevents the gadget from being waterproof at the IPX7 level, which means that it can be used in a shower or a shallow bath and can easily be washed under a tap with mild soap. To wash the relief and the button recessed into the ring, you’d better get a brush.

Fully-charged battery will provide you with an hour of play; I did not find out how much it charges after a complete discharge, but since the battery in the toy is lithium-ion, it is better to recharge it after each use and washing. Just wait until it dries properly – water may remain in the hole for the plug.

Dimensions: height 7.3 cm, width 4.7 cm, diameter – from 2.8 cm. Weight – 48 g.


Juke is controlled with a single bright yellow button according to the usual principle: “long press – on/off, short press – switch settings”. The elongated button protrudes slightly, but with fingers wet with grease it can be difficult to find them, and pressing it is even more difficult. At the same time, it helps when you transport the device from place to place: it does not have a separate control blocking function.

The ring has an interesting and rare form: the part containing the only motor in itself is very bent forward. What does it give? A lot of options for use, if you are not only interested in extending your erection. Try to put the Juke with the motor close to the scrotum for a variety of sensations; pull it on 2-3 fingers and drive with a vibrating tip over any sensitive area; if you leave the ring on your fingers, but with the motor on the back of your hand, your hand starts to vibrate by itself, and this will improve massage, stimulation of the partner's crotch, and masturbation. Also, with the vibrating ring, you can refresh your vibration-free dildo or anal plug – the bend will allow it to nicely lie down on the vulva or perineum. The vibration is shallow; however, one should not expect more from the erection ring.

Ten modes: 6 powers of smooth vibration, 4 patterns. The choice is strange, especially when you consider that the capacities are practically indistinguishable among themselves, but this does not make it bad, it only slightly disappoints. They turn, of course, sequentially: with one button you cannot do any other way, when you turn the device off, the sequence resets.

The noise is medium and with a small spread, within 40-55 dB. In the next room nobody will hear. Measured using the Sound Meter mobile application.

Who is it for?

Juke, first of all, is designed for those who want to postpone ejaculation, but also suitable for those who want to have a convenient mini-vibrator, worn on the fingers. It is unlikely to appeal to those who expect serious stimulation of the clitoris or perineum during penetrative sex, and those who need a powerful effect.


A nice erection ring, with which you can make a multifunctional vibrator.