Flexible vibro stimulator Dream Lovers Whip from Baile

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The author of the telegram channel “Saliva is not a lubricant!” I found a universal device for playing in pairs, and for solo games, and for much more.


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Dream Lovers Whip from Baile looks as two interconnected silicon cord vibroeggs. The diameter of these is slightly more than three centimeters, so it is comfortable to immerse them, the size is very versatile. The length of the entire structure is no more than sixty centimeters. I immediately liked the fact that on the box itself there are gender icons, which make it clear that the device can be used in pairs, regardless of their gender composition.

Twelve vibration modes for each “egg”, only three control buttons. One is on/off, and one for each vibrating process. There is a red indication for everything. If suddenly you have games at night, I advise you to first turn on the toy (there is a sleep mode), and then focus on the indicators, because the buttons are recessed in silicone, and at first you can get confused. The presence of separate control for each “egg” is a huge plus!

There are a lot of usages. If a couple is two girls, then each one has its own side, which adapts to her individually. If you use it in solo games, then we immerse one egg vaginally, and the second one can stimulate the clitoris, and you don’t even have to think that something will not suit you! Personally, my anatomy is such that only long-spined rabbit vibrators are suitable for me, but here I didn't have any problems because my clitoris was left unattended. You can use them well together anally, and for anal-vaginal things.

Since vibration is also transmitted by the silicone cord, albeit a residual one, you can “wrap” the partner's penis with it and masturbate it, or engage in oral sex. The Dream Lovers Whip is very flexible so you can twist it to your liking.

It is great to stimulate the nipples with the tips of the vibrator, both at the same time, so that no one is offended. You can even practice rimming calmly if one of the processes is already immersed in the partner's anus. In fact, with this device, so many fantasies are feasible that I even wonder why hadn’t I got it before.

The vibration of eggs is not furious, but it is not weak either. Something in between. There is perforation on the processes, but I didn't even feel it. The device charges for an hour, and works for one and a half. Since the charging is plug-in, it is not recommended to immerse eggs in water: in case of drowning, no one will replace anything for you. In addition, there is no warranty for the toy at all – this is moisture resistance, perhaps the only drawbacks of Baile’s Dream Lovers Whip.

When folded in the storage bag (included in the kit), the vibrator takes up very little space. Even less than many of my classic vibrators, and this pleases me, because you can safely throw it in the bag and carry with you everywhere. There is no button lock, so you shouldn't clamp the vibrator with something, it can accidentally turn on.

In general, my delight is beyond words. A surprisingly good Chinese manufacturer with a very well thought out design and a huge range of applications. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, I'm serious. In general, I highly recommend it. It's a good thing, and you know that I rarely get such a delight from toys.