Dona – not a candle, but a romance

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The author of the telegram channel lallaby_adults and instagram bizzare_tales shared with us her impressions of the massage candle.


Text: lallaby_adults & bizzare_tales

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When your innermost erotic fantasy is Bill Skarsgård in the role of the hilarious clown Pennywise, it's really hard to get romantic for a massage candle review.

One hundred thirty-five grams of tropical paradise in a glass is named Sassy Tropical Tease. It consists of soybean oil, pheromones and an aphrodisiac. Judging by their effectiveness, they are there.

Delicacy and unobtrusiveness on the verge of smell, tangerine and jasmine are clearly heard. The slight sourness that mangosteen gives does not allow the aroma to sound loud and sugary sweet.

The candle is ideal for a romantic evening that smoothly turns into a night of sensual and tender love. The smell of the tropics fills the room, the aromatic composition does not drown out the natural smell of heated skin and this is very important - the conflict between artificial and natural pheromones will not happen.

Can be used as a care product due to the high quality soybean oil content. The skin literally absorbs it, no greasy film remains, no stains were found on clothes and bedding. Not comedogenic (comedogenicity is the potential ability of cosmetics components to clog pores, forming black and white dots on the skin and, as a result, acne – ed.).

How it works: light it up, wait five minutes for the oil to melt. We extinguish the wick and drip it onto the skin at a short distance from the body. The massage becomes even more sensual and enjoyable.

Suitable for: true connoisseurs of romance, the last knights in shining armor and ladies on beds of rose petals.

Not suitable for: connoisseurs of thrills, loud olfactory impressions and intense influences, it is not suitable for BDSM – the wrong format (the olfactory pyramid is a phased disclosure of the fragrance, which allows us to assume how it will behave on the skin over time – ed.)

If you describe Dona's Sassy in brief – “Cool, fresh, subtle and sweet, with a slight acidity. It's a mangosteen”.