Dolphin on guard of orgasms

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The Kharitonovs couple compared the penis rings and test-drived a vibrating Over Drive Plus C-Ring from VEDO.


© Julia and Roman Kharitonovs

Russian version

Roman Kharitonov

My wife and I, inspired by past experience with erectile vibrating ring from Svakom, which has become our favorite, decided to test drive a new ring from VeDO.

Here are my first impressions.

The device is made of smooth-to-touch silicone, it resembles a dolphin in shape (it looks very interesting, in my opinion). In the upper protruding part there is a sealed input for charging, one On-Off button and a button to switch vibration modes. There are ten vibration modes in total.

The ring itself seemed to me very tight and it was scary to put it on the penis, it can suddenly squeeze to pain. But when I put it on, it turned out that the ring was made of a material that stretches and does not very little to take its original shape. Simply put, the ring stretched and did not give the effect of crushing on the base of the penis: I hardly felt it on myself. To some extent, I even liked it, because it can be kept longer without the feeling of growing discomfort. But, unfortunately, after the orgasm, the device could not hold my erection precisely because of this property of the material. Remark: perhaps such a ring will be better suitable for a penis that is thicker.

At the same time, while making love, I noticed how beautifully and sexually the vibrating part adjoins the clitoris of my already beautiful wife. I noted this moment for myself as one of the most unforgettable. Oh yeah!

Julia Kharitonova

In fact, we were looking forward to the moment when this new erection ring comes to us for a test drive, since we really liked the previous experience of using such a device made by another company.

So, from the box we got a blue dolphin that was pleasant to the touch.

The vibration of the toy is good: ten different modes. But there is one thing: the motor is located in the device so that the main vibration does not go to the convex part to stimulate the clitoris, but to the upper process, which is higher and does not touch the clitoris. Also, vibration reaches the ring itself poorly, that is, the penis is also not stimulated by vibration for brighter sensations. And one more thing: the bulge for the clitoris, in my case, turned out to be quite rigid and too convex.

The idea, design and material of which the toy is made are wonderful. The comments that we have are subjective though. Perhaps you will like this toy more and generally it will become your favorite.

Love each other.