#vintovkina_testdrive: Discover box from We-Vibe

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Arina Vintovkina declares: this “box with boxes” is the best thing that can happen to you (in terms of a sex toy) during the quarantine period! And regardless of quarantine, too.


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Russian version

Firstly, the “Advent calendar” format guarantees a purely childish delight, excitement and “Oh, and I wonder what there is! Come on, come on!” fr om unboxing. Picking out curly chocolates fr om the candy windows (everyone, surely, had such New Year calendars?), multiplied by a thousand. Obviously, the content will bring you more pleasant emotions than 30 seconds of glucose sweetness in your mouth.

Secondly, the price is incredibly low. This is the cost for one, maximum for two really good devices (yes, I sob with you, I sob better than you about the prices of toys). But there are as many as 10 items!!! And these are from We-Vibe itself, which is in the “luxury” category according to the sex-shop ratings. How did it happen to be “inexpensive” – a question for marketers. From wh ere I stand, I see that especially for this set We-Vibe simplified some of its basic models, dropped the price for others, released several ones as a limited series, added consumables and initially inexpensive things – voila! – you will have an actual sex blogging mini-closet. There is a feeling that this is the perfect starter kit for those who do not have anything like that yet.

Thirdly, the content. There are devices, erotic cosmetics, and accompanying toys (I'll tell you about all that below). The cool thing is that you can start studying, not following the numbers, but according to the principle from simple things to real sex toys. For those who have an internal stopper for using something with a motor in sex – it is a very soft and environmentally friendly option for initiation. Well, or use the numbering as a "force majeure circumstance", like, “I don't know anything about your prejudices about paired devices, it is in box #5, you can't argue with numbers, so let's try”.

So, what's inside?

1) Pjur water-based lubricant. Exactly what is recommended for use with toys, but perfect for any solo play. Usually We-Vibe provides a mini-sachet for its devices, and here you have a full bottle of 30 ml. The taste and color is super-neutral (transparent, leaves no whitish marks on the skin, slightly sweet to the taste). In texture, it is quite thick and oily (although watery!). Glides perfectly, does not roll, and does not leave a sticky feeling after drying. After I run out of this bottle, I will buy myself the same one but for 100 ml.

2) Tickler. And in a simple way – a black feather brush for tactile games: tickle, tease, deliberately keep in anticipation for a for a long time. Softer and more unusual than fingers. Unrestrainedly pleasant on the most sensitive parts of the body such as the inner thighs, neck and sacrum. After using it, I warn you, your hands will not wait to open some other box.

3) Tango (white). A very powerful mini stimulant. It is famous for the fact that many carry it with them in a cosmetic bag and use it through clothes in places that are not very suitable for sex. That's how inconspicuous and armor-piercing it is. Also Tango often appears in BDSM games: its power simply squeezes orgasms. The model in the set is exactly the same as the one you can buy separately, but with the set it is cheaper. There are 8 vibration modes, it is made of plastic, which at the level of sensations gives more intense and focused stimulation. And also, plastic very quickly takes on body temperature, if you use it “on the march”, but being naked in bed. The only thing I don't advise – to use it for anal diving: there is no stopper, it is straight and smooth, so it can easily slip to wh ere it can then be removed only with the help of paramedics.

4) Dice with sexual tasks. On one cube – body parts, on the second – the action to be performed. All in English (just like that, after 38 year of life, I learned the word “belly button”. There is no mention of the genitals on one face. There is the word “thighs” which you are free to interpret in the most frivolous way.

5) A device for couples like the “paper clip”. Legendary We-Vibe know-how, with which they blew up the market. The kit includes the most simple “clip” Special Edition battery (sold separately): it runs on batteries, does not have a remote control, cannot be remotely controlled, it is not recommended to bathe with, it vibrates in one single mode. How exactly to use it, and why you need “paper clips” at all, can be read in detail in the review on Chorus. It is also logical to look at this as a “tester”: not in terms – use it and throw away, but in the sense that – used it and understood how this type of device is anatomically suitable for your couple. The device itself is reusable and, like all We-Vibe toys, is very tenacious.

6) Kegel Ball. For my taste, the most optional (read – useless) piece in the set: just a silicone ball on a string. Does not vibrate, has no shifted center of gravity. The most reasonable usage is to get a bit more blood to the pelvic organs before the couple action (put it in and slightly squeeze the intimate muscles. Due to physical activity, the blood will more actively flow to the tissues, which usually has a positive effect on sensitivity). Some, I know, are very interested in games, during which some objects are put into the partner's body, and then removed, and then put in again... – you can have fun with the ball like that. And also, if you ins ert it vaginally, the “internal geometry” changes slightly, so the sensations for both sides will be a little different from usual.

7) Candle. It is written that it is for “massage”, but empirically it was found out that it can be used in games. When you lit it, waited a little, and sprinkled over the partner's skin, it stays on the body with wax droplets (in the case of massage candles, you get warm oil that can be used directly for massage). This candle is low-temperature (it doesn't have a heavy stink, but it smells great of vanilla), it doesn't turn into oil, but you can't burn yourself with melted wax. The partner will feel warmth and unusual sensations of tightness on the skin, but the brain inevitably interprets such games as “dangerous”. This is the thrill – to tickle the receptors and fantasy.

8) Womanizer Starlet. Now discontinued (only comes in these kits), and previously the smallest and most inexpensive of the Womanizer family. I also advise you to consider it as a probe, because full-size models are technically more advanced. This baby (only 70 g) has only one control button, 4 modes, splash protection (you cannot immerse in water). I warn you: it is noisy (after the 2nd mode, it rumbles) and harsh in terms of the nature of stimulation (compared with Satisfyer). But the idea of vacuum stimulation will definitely help you.

9) We-Vibe Dusk Pleasure Mate. By itself, nothing will surprise you, but as a Tango attachment (from box # 3) it is super. Transforms a killer clitoral stimulator into either an anal plug or a more gentle stimulator. The nozzle is made of silicone, its vibrations (remember: super powerful) are transmitted to the plug, but in a more restrained form. Can be used from the rear as the structure has a stopper. You can use it vaginally: it will stimulate the entrance and the first 3-4 cm, which are usually the most responsive. You cannot buy it separately; either in this set or in a se t that goes with the Tango and another attachment for the G-zone.

10) Black satin ribbon. It can be used to blindfold or fix limbs. It is a matter of taste of course, and the length (120 cm) is enough for any needs. It is possible and even necessary to rhyme a tape with a candle and a tickler: when you are blindfolded any tactile games are perceived as if your skin has become a naked nerve. It is understandable: when you turn off one channel (visual) – the other channels automatically sing louder. When you fix arms or legs, do not forget about Tango – its agility is enough for playing “forced orgasm” games.