Curvy vs. Irresistible and Penguin

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Ronnie Black has tested the novelty from Satisfyer.


Text and photo: Ronny Black (Saliva is not a lubricant)

Russian version

Wow, how I love vacuumers! I adore them! I have several of these, but the more the better. Moreover, recently only one has been mainly used. Therefore, without long hesitations, I took a new product from Satisfyer, codenamed Curvy 1+ for the test. In general, Satisfyer has done great lately: they updated the boxes, increased the warranty to 15 years, rolled out a bunch of new products and even their own application to remotely control all these new products, without raising the price! But first things first.

Curvy 1+ is made in a very stylish way from medical grade silicone with plastic inserts. Of course, there is magnetic charging. It works for an hour with a charging time of three hours, but again, if you, like me, put the toy on charge and forget about it, then it’s ok. It has two separate motors: for a vacuumer and for vibration. Accordingly, we have 10 and 11 modes, which can be used together or separately. Everyone can find her own

There are three buttons, and they are completely recessed in silicone, but at the same time they are embossed so that you do not get confused. The central button turns on the vacuumer and increases the modes on it, the button closer to the bell – decreases it, the farthest button from the bell – turns the device on/off and switches vibration modes.

By the way, the diameter of the bell itself is quite large – 1.7 mm, and very deep to the membrane, so rejoice, people with large clits, this thing will suit you.

There are also dramatic changes in the motors. The vacuum has become softer and more delicate. No kidding here. Before that I compared Irresistible with Penguin, but now I cannot do it. After using Curvy, the Irresistible seemed to me very rude, hence we conclude that Penguin also works more rigidly.

But at the same time, all my orgasms are in place. I just began to receive them not from 1-3 modes, but from 4-6 out of ten, which is not bad. The vibration is also soft and barely audible. What is the plus of this? The fact is that when you simultaneously use both vacuum and vibration, the latter does not distract you from sensations, but adds to them. That is, it works the way it should.

But with the application everything is not very good. Since this is the first such project for Satisfyer, there are some bugs. The application always crashes, signals that Bluetooth is not activated, although it is! Well, and other delights. It comes out that I freak out because of the connection and use the Curvy 1+ as a normal device and control it with buttons, but maybe you will be more patient than me. I'm waiting for the manufacturer to release an update and remove these connection problems.

And let's be honest, even with the Curvy app it costs ± like Penguin without the app, so this is a very cool bonus, and I'm not at all upset that I can't make friends with it.

In general, I got it. Irresistible went back to the shelf (since it really seems to be rough in terms of effect now), and Curvy 1+ from Satisfyer is always charging, because during a week of tests I have already “worked” with it for several hours. And I will not even swear too much about the application, because “well, what did you expect for this money?” Well, that is, if I make friends with it, then it's great, if not, then I'm not particularly upset even now, I'm more than happy with everything.

The stimulator was provided for the test by the online store