Menstrual cups by Satisfyer

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The company Satisfyer presented on market their cups called Feel. They are made in two sizes, in various colors, with different tails. The novelty has been tested by our author.


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Menstrual cups proved to be a breakthrough, having improved the quality of life of millions of women. They are easy-to-use, ecological and, essentially, they are almost an invisible device for menstruation hygiene.

The plan of the company Satisfyer to start manufacturing menstrual cups was mentioned in previous publications. And, finally, it is done!

Not long ago, the brand presented their new collection including four models in seven colors. I couldn’t help feeling curious about this novelty as I had been waiting for its launch for so long.


There are two cups in the kit: for 15 and 20 ml. The package is protected with a hygienic tape. This is a guarantee that no one had opened or touched what’s inside before you. This is vital, especially when it comes to such an intimate product. The kit includes a pouch for storing the cups.

The design is worth specific attention. We have a choice among four different shapes. All the cups are made in lovely colors, you can also select the “tail”– a conventional one, a loop that girls with long nails are sure to find comfortable, and fish tails.

I decided immediately that fish-like cups, Feel Secure, are exactly what I need.

It is not my first time with cups. However, my former cup didn’t fit me: neither its capacity nor its shape.


While the cups were on their way, I started worrying: what if the tails mentioned above come to bother me, press or make me feel uncomfortable. My worries were for nothing. I felt no discomfort at all.

The very cup, the same as its tail, is very soft. I have never tried anything softer. This fact also caused some concern: will it open properly? Will it actually open?

Here is a short story to let you understand why I was so much concerned about the soft structure of the cup. Before I got the kit by Satisfyer, I had been using a cup called Lila Cup which was rather flexible. As a result, it opened one day and the other it did not. Using it was a kind of lottery: can I feel protected against a leak today?

Let’s go back to Feel Secure. When I touched the cups for the first time, their soft structure made me feel upset. I thought I wouldn’t be able to use them properly. But soon I got a pleasant surprise. The cups opened on the first try! There were a couple of times when the cup didn’t open to the full capacity. But as soon as I pulled the tail down, the problem was solved.

Still, I expected to have some troubles in the form of leaks. I detected no leaks by the end of the day, no leaks by the end of the period and I was immensely happy.

During the process of usage I found another advantage of the cups’ soft shell: you don’t feel them inside, they do not either press or bother you.

By the way, after usage, the cup hasn’t lost its color-the fact that confirms the quality of the stuff. The former cup of mine grew dark after the first usage.

Having two cups in the kit (for 20 ml and 15 ml) lets you understand which capacity is preferable and allows you to use this or that cup depending on the intensity of discharge. The bigger cup proved to be perfect for me during the first couple of days of the period, I only had to change it in the morning and at night. While travelling, it would be a big advantage, as you won’t have to seek for a clean WC (or any) to change the cup several times a day. I find this kit a good choice for both beginners and those who have got some experience of using cups.

To guarantee comfortable insertion, use a water-based lubricant.

The cups won’t fit you if...

Can cups by Satisfyer prove unsuitable for anyone? Yes, they can. Again, their soft structure is the reason. If you are doing active exercises, the cup is likely to provoke small leaks.

We thank Astkol-Alfa, the wholesale company, for providing the cups for testing.