Cups by Satisfyer: blogger's view

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Marija Chesnokova, a sex blogger, is talking about her experience of using menstrual cups by Satisfyer.


© Marija Chesnokova

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Satisfyer, as usual, has made a breakthrough: they launched menstrual cups at a very reasonable price.

The cups are of three different shapes, each kit has cups of two sizes-one of these two is sure to fit you. Additionally, the kits are made in 7 colors.

Here I am sharing my experience of using cups. And I am comparing cups by Satisfyer with other models in the video you can find below.

Brief review

A menstrual cup is an advanced and ecological device for female hygiene. Cups can be used during several years, you only need to disinfect them regularly between the periods. The cup is introduced in the vagina to collect menstrual blood. Once the cup is full, you should take it out, empty it and use it again.

I have been using cups for more than 3 years and this experience has been the best I ever had. No odor, no leakage (provided that you selected the right cup for you), you do not have to think of a place to change the tampon every 4 hours. You can wear the cup up to 12 hours consecutively (I usually change every 8 hours), and you can sleep with the cup inside during 10 hours, even with intense blood flow.

Important! All cups by Satisfyer are made of soft silicone-they will not suit everyone.

You will have to try them to understand whether they fit you or not. For example, cups by Fun Factory, to my mind, are too hard and they put pressure on the bladder. Still, many of my friends are reluctant to use any other cup. Soft cups are best suited for girls with high sensitivity. But you should know they do not open as well as the hard ones. I prefer cups of medium resilience and I am most likely to go back to my former cup.

Frequently, the cups by Satisfyer do not open well, however they do protect from leakage. That is amazing! If you opt for them, you should be aware of this specific feature. At my first time with these cups I spent a lot of time trying to make the cup open inside properly.

Some women feel uncomfortable with any cup. That is pretty normal. But you should give it a try to know it.

For easier introduction of cups, please, use a water-based lubricant (I have a tube in my bathroom, especially for this use, to avoid having to rush to bedroom).