Crysta Ball Test Drive

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The author of the blog “Lena and Her Members” presented her partner with Tenga Crysta Ball and then shared his opinion about the toy.


Text and photos: Lena and Her Members

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February is the month when I traditionally pamper my partners. I bury them under sex toys and demand reviews after that. I've been looking at Tenga Crysta myself for a long time. The masturbator has a cool design and, yes, transparent toys are my weakness. Perhaps this is my inner voyeur speaking, but with such devices I want to watch the process. I 'll make a reservation right away: Crysta has several internal reliefs and, judging by the feedback fr om people with members, they feel about the same. I give the word to one of these very people with a member, so that he will tell you about this device.

The first thing I saw when Lena handed me a masturbator was that it was incredibly beautiful. Much more like a piece of home decor than a thing wh ere to shove a dick. But, trusting the instructions, I decided that it is not appropriate to simply decorate the bedside table with this: you need to test it. The masturbator fits very tightly, literally embraces the penis in a tight embrace. The balls are not particularly felt, only if squeezed additionally. Internal relief with expansion and contraction in different areas, so that the sensations are quite cosmic and unlike anything else.

I prefer not to use it for the entire length, but to leave it in the area of the head. When moving, the masturbator stretches and comes out so that the balls go to the base, and the most sensitive part of the penis rests on the ceiling of the toy. We already thought it would be nice to cut the upper part and combine a masturbator with a blowjob, but have not yet decided on such. With hybrid lubrication, the device works great in the bathroom and shower. The very thing for the morning awakening.

Crysta plays best with warming or cooling lubricants. The process speeds up significantly and becomes more interesting. And, even better, of course it is with the hands of your partner. In pair interactions, this is truly incredible. Unusual sensations, the ability to observe the process and the scenario for the game, which even porn makers wouldn’t invent.

To take care for a masturbator, you need powder, otherwise it becomes sticky like old gum. Lena told me that it needs to be washed, sprinkled with powder and put back in the box. By the way, the packaging is well thought out, there water drainage, so the toy dries quite conveniently. Washing is also not particularly steamy: everything is turned inside out and filled with water. If you decided to give Tenga Crysta as a gift to someone, then this is a great idea!

Tenga Crysta Ball submitted to the blogger for a test by the online store Lovemarket.