Colibri Vacuum Clitoris Stimulator

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“Little Colibri bird. Small, pink, not for me but for my partners and a certain part of people”, – Uncle Therin.


Text and photo: Uncle Terin

Russian version

Colibri is a vacuumer from the new line of Lola Games. As usual, everything is beautiful and affordable but we lets identify the pros and cons.


First about the device:
– wide socket;
– compact size;
– waterproof;
– low noise;
– interesting shape;
– looks like something cosmetic, not a sex toy.

Cons for me:

– Not very clear from the first time about control, it is on one button, but the instruction is on the box itself;
– hard control button: it’s uncomfortable, I'm used to soft ones, but for my partners, on the contrary, it was ok, since there is no risk of accidentally switching the mode or turning off the toy.


– a convenient shape, due to the relief, it does not slip in the fingers, even if they are covered with a lubricant;
– very low volume level, which is very good;
– long and thin enough nose socket allows the usage of the device for those who have a lot of prepuce of the clitoris, it allows you to safely lift and leans the toy in the clitoral area, and it is excellent;
– the effect is mild, Colibri are more for those with very high to medium sensitivity, the rest will not feel much;
– the device is extremely good for warming up. With it you can very skillfully lead a person to the brink of orgasm, even if you have not practiced this before;
– convenient for practice together, due to its shape it is pleasant and comfortable to hold it not trying to put the fingers in an in comfortable position.


For me, this device turned out to be one that goes into the category “This will take a long time to agitate my partners until they start squeaking – I really want to cum! Please, I can't hold anymore!”

For my anatomy and sensitivity, it turned out to be rather weak, but I will not say that it is bad.

Devices for people with hypersensitivity, in fact, are rare, and masturbation is such a useful and pleasant thing for life, that should not be abandoned.

The stroke between the vacuum modes is also quite smooth, which will allow you to sel ect the required power without painful sensations on the clitoris.

The material fr om which our friend Colibri is made is silicone, everything is according to the classical scheme, pleasant to the touch, velvety, bright. Rough seams were not found. Packaging – cardboard, can be recycled, no plastic or anything like that.

Colibri has 7 modes in total, the battery, everything we love.

What's even more pleasing about this toy is the price. This baby Hummingbird will cost you less than 2,000 rubles, taking into account everything that she can do.

Love, Terin.

The stimulator was provided to the blogger for a test by the Katesecrets online store.