Clitoris Stimulator – Cherubic Bird

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“Cherubic is cherubic. Plump and rosy-cheeked – the exact name for a tender marshmallow birdie with deep vibration and vacuum” – Hanna Play.

Text and photos: Hanna Play

Russian version

The first impression starts with the packaging. At Viotec, it is always stylishly done. You take it in your hands and don't want to let it go - thick burgundy cardboard embossed under the skin.

You open it slowly, anticipating what awaits inside:
– a separate box with a toy;
– a storage bag made of natural fabric (for me personally, the general design and eco-style cause dissonance, but it is so touching, it is impossible not to pay attention to it);
– warranty card (1 year);
– magnetic charging (with a suction effect, as if it connects itself, no effort is needed);
– manual.

A new level of pleasure – the Cherubic itself:
– made of soft and pliable silicone of a vanilla-pink color with a metal insert for copper (both materials are safe, certified);
– only two control buttons: vibration and vacuum (membrane), which are at the same time a connection point for the charger (full charge 2.5 hours);
– you can turn on separately vibration (9 modes) and vacuum (3 variations) or combine them for completeness of sensations.

Alternatively, you can start with a general body massage, smoothly massaging and relaxing through the vibro-mode, then move on to the intimate areas to increase arousal, and, as a dessert, sucking stimulation on the nipples, fingers, clitoris.

You can change the script every time or concentrate on one thing – a full menu of delights.

Working hours:
– only vibro – maximum 3.5 hours;
– vacuum only – maximum 4 hours;
– synchronous – 2.5 hours.

Cherubic fits comfortably in the hand due to the notch on the body and its weight (168.6 grams). Doesn't escape even from wet hands.

Quietly vibrates and hums touchingly, without distracting from the reactions of the body and partner.

You can frolic with him in bed and in the shower, but you should not dive under water, since the level of moisture protection is IPX6.

You can leave it in a conspicuous place with a clear conscience, it does not cause vulgar associations. Stable due to its construction and weight, it will complement the interior.

Despite its innocent appearance, the toy is powerful enough to satisfy a woman with both medium and low sensitivity. The main thing is not to rush, feel the body, connect your imagination.

Young ladies with high sensitivity will also find suitable combinations for themselves. I recommend starting your acquaintance with petting through clothes.

For foreplay, during sex, for quick release and languid caresses.

Don't forget about grooming, lubricants, and energizing gels.

The stimulator was provided for the test by the wholesale company Astkol-Alpha with the assistance of