Chorus from We-Vibe: another test drive

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Telegram channel “Ne pokladaya ruk” (“Tirelessly” – Ed.) studied the innovative novelty from We-Vibe named Chorus.


© Anastasia Kurshankova (“Ne pokladaya ruk”)

Russian version

Many brands produce the so-called “peg-vibrators”, but the most successful ones, as before, are produced by We-Vibe, the company that once developed and patented them for the first time. The toys of the brand have more than thirty-three awards at the most prestigious industry exhibitions, including the nomination “Best Adult Product of the Year” and a few months ago their coolest and the most technologically advanced novelty, We-vibe Chorus, was released. It impressed me so much that I don’t even know where to start!

The fact is that there are a lot of difficulties with “pegs”. The toy may feel too large inside, and instead of arousing and enhancing the sensations, it can cause discomfort to both partners. It can slide and move, vibrating not on the clitoris, but somewhere on the side. Finally, it may not be used in some poses. Because of all this, I didn’t like such toys and I used them only in solo games. When Chorus came to me, I was a bit displeased in advance. But it turned out to be a damn masterpiece!!!

According to the idea of We-vibe engineers, the toy can be adjusted, giving it the necessary shape: for this, Chorus bends at two key points and maintains a new shape even during the most active movements. In addition, the vibrator parameters have changed: the clitoral part has become wider and more voluminous, and the point stimulating the G-spot has become more pronounced. As in previous models, the Chorus case is completely coated with medical silicone. The set includes a control panel, a charger, an operating manual and a bag of branded lubricant.

I want to praise the charger separately: the case where the vibrator is magnetized also serves as a storage place for the toy – it’s very convenient! Now I store Chorus right on the bedside table, and charge it there.

But the coolest innovation is the new remote control! The buttons on it are now arranged differently (like on the joystick, hehehe), and the base RESPONSE TO THE COMPRESSION FORCE – that is, the more you squeeze it, the deeper and more powerful the vibration becomes, and this, I think, is a great idea! And the remote control stabilizes the Chorus with the We-Connect application, for this the smartphone should be next to the remote.

I have been testing Chorus for about a month, and so far this is the only “peg” that I liked absolutely – all the disadvantages of Chorus's vibrators of this type are gone, We-Vibe took into account all the shortcomings of previous models, and this one is real bomb!! Seriously, I recommend it to everyone: a traditionally powerful We-Vibe engine, one hundred percent waterproofness, and now also an improved adjustable shape – this is one love for a long time I feel!