Choosing massage candles

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Sex blogger Ronny Black compared massage candles from different manufacturers. Who won this battle?


© Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

Today a review of four massage products at once, three of which are candles. The candles were used both autonomously and in comparison with each other. We have three candidates – Canadian Shunga, French Plaisirs Secrets, and our Russian Dzhaga-Dzhaga (Biomed Nutrition). The latter rolled out into the market relatively recently, but they can already compete very well with other brands. Well, that's what happened.

Plaisirs Secrets chocolate. 35 ml.

In 5 minutes, about half a teaspoon was melted. Enough for one shin, does not lie very evenly. The “coolest” of all – from a height of 5 cm to the palm it was barely felt.

Medium in density, glides moderately – for a real massage you want to pour more. For massage caresses – just right.

Smell: both in the can and on the skin it smells (to me) of cheap chocolate. It washed off only the second time with soap.

On the leg it was absorbed in about 20 minutes, a rather pleasant sensation – the skin softened.

It melts at the touch so you can apply it using your hands.

The composition is the shortest and most obscure: oil (which?), perfume (what?), preservatives.

Shunga vanilla fetish. 30 ml.

5 minutes – about 1 teaspoon. The density is about the same as the previous one. The specified volume was enough for one non-thin thigh. Perceptibly hotter – the palms were hot right from a height of 10 cm, but it cools down rather quickly.

Smell: vanilla in the jar and on the skin. Slides like the previous one – moderately. Washed off easily with soap.

It almost does not melt under the fingers in a jar, the wick will not be enough for the entire volume – only if you heat everything at once, otherwise the remaining oil will simply gather around the edges. It is absorbed the fastest, the skin after it is velvety.

The composition is the longest and most detailed – there are a lot of oils, fragrances, there are preservatives, everything is described. There are substances with allergic potential though.

Dzhaga-Dzhaga (Biomed Nutrition). Temptation. 2*15 ml.

It looks like two molds of yin and yang, there is a wick in each of them, which adds convenience, and you cannot burn everything at once as in the previous candles, but just one half separately.

For 5 minutes – about 1.5 teaspoons. Enough for the whole leg (!). The densest of all. And the most absorbing one – after 20 minutes I smeared it, wiped off the rest with napkins and after an hour the leg was still noticeably oily. So the consumption will be very economical, and it melts quickly (under the fingers too). Thanks to the shape, it is very convenient to hold and pour.

Smell: light, sweetish in a jar. On the skin it becomes stronger and heavier (like oriental scents), and if you overdo it with the amount (like me), after a while your head will feel heavy.

In terms of temperature, it is about the same as shunga, but it cools down very quickly, it becomes blurry while you are trying to smear it on the leg. It smears fairly evenly and is the slickest of all. After complete absorption, the skin is velvety.

Washed off with soap at the first attempt.

Ingredients: oils, perfume, pheromones.

Dzhaga-Dzhaga Oil (Biomed Nutrition). Secrets of the East. 50 ml.

The lightest of all in the review, and liquid – seemingly closer to water than to oil. Very pleasant light smell of spices and fruits. It changes imperceptibly on the skin, becomes fresher. About half a teaspoon was enough to smear the whole hand. Smears easily and smoothly enough, glides moderately, for caresses – it is what you need. Washes off with soap without any problems.

Ingredients: oils, fragrances, preservatives.

In general, we can make a bold conclusion that our brand turned out to be more pleasant both in use and visually (again, for me). Personally, I fell for the packaging, as it became much easier and more convenient to use. Ergonomics! Plus, I have two more candles from Dzhaga and there are also quite non-trivial smells there, which you will not find in popular brands. In general, I have a new favorite, but you make a choice for yourself!

We thank the wholesale company Dzhaga-Dzhaga for the provided samples.