Satisfyer Charming Smile

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Anonymous review of the gentle vibrator from Satisfyer.


Russian version

It so happened that this toy was a birthday present for me. And, perhaps, this is the best gift in many years, and not because they gave me bad gifts, but because this vibrator is very good. Dear men, my advice to you is – you lack ideas for a present? Try Satisfyer a Charming Smile, you won't regret it.

So, first about the appearance. It is packed in a bright cardboard box, which is very convenient to store in. It is compact. Magnetic USB charger included. By the way, it charges quickly – for about 1.5 hours.

The vibrator itself is made of delicate silicone, odorless and very pleasant to the touch, that is, you start having fun as soon as you take it. By the way, you can take it with wet hands, it is waterproof, and the handle does not slip. I bet now you will take a shower more often!

The second (but not the least) advantage of this vibrator is that it is powerful, but not loud, there are several power levels and 12 modes. Each of them is capable of driving you crazy, and in the way, you want it. The description indicates that it is ideal for stimulating the G-spot. I agree with the manufacturer, but I must add that it is perfect for external stimulation as well, so I think it will be important for those who experience only clitoral orgasm. I liked its shape very much, especially the curved tip. The vibrator fits well in the hand and therefore you can caress yourself comfortably. If for an orgasm you need to “press and turn a little here”, then you can easily achieve this, no matter if the vibrator caresses you from the inside or torments the clitoris button outside. I highly recommend playing with the modes, they add brightness to the sensations of vibration, especially the one that reminds me of tapping of the tongue ... but I will not give out all its secrets, it is always more interesting to explore it ourselves. Why by yourself? Because, as we found out in the process, this toy can perfectly tease a man, so everyone will benefit from buying this vibrator. And delighted!