Candy Cane and High Fly by Satisfyer

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Our author with the partner tested new products from Satisfyer.


Text and photo: Volch

Russian version

Two novelties fr om Satisfyer hit our paws at once: Candy Cane and High Fly. Both toys piqued my curiosity both by the form factor and by the fact that different information about them was written in different places. It was all the more interesting to study the devices after receiving and opening them, as well as to analyze various facts found.

Both devices are finger vibrators. The package is traditional: vibrator, brochures, charging. Toys have very similar characteristics: made of silicone and ABC plastic, have magnetic charging, appear waterproof (IPX7). Both have one button that is responsible for everything, and 12 modes, 5 of which are escalation, the rest are different patterns. I saw in a couple of places, including in reviews and online stores, that there are 10 modes, but no, there are 12, I personally counted. I also want to immediately refute the information that is found in some places that these devices connect to the application fr om Satisfyer - no, there is no such function. There is no information about the application on the package either, but for the sake of interest I still tried to make a connection – a complete failure.

The silicone is very pleasant, silky, almost does not collect dust, but fingerprints remain on the black, as well as on the plastic inserts. There was a slight odor immediately after opening, but it disappeared very quickly.

The devices are quite compact, Candy measures 11 × 3.5 × 1.5 cm in the “ear”, Fly – 5 × 7 × 2 cm.

The Candy Cane has two motors, one in each ear. However, since both motors are controlled by one button, there is no need to talk about any combinations of modes – this piece, found on the Internet, also turned out to be disinformation.

Both devices can be used on any part of the body where you feel comfortable and want to (just not anally). High Fly is very comfortable in the fingers, and you do not need to spend any additional attention or any efforts on holding it, it turns out very naturally. With Candy Cane, you think about how to attach, wh ere to attach, how to position the ears. But this is also a little more interesting, as for me.

Candy seemed to me a little more gentle than Fly. But the vibration of both is shallow and very ticklish for me. However, for the first time, I liked the modes with patterns much more than the escalation modes, since with the latter it was worth stopping to move the hand with the toy, and I simply ceased to feel the vibration. The orgasm was eventually achieved, but it was also quite superficial.

The charging and operating times of Candy Cane found on the Internet are 120 and 60 minutes, respectively, for High Fly – 90 and 180 minutes. The brochures indicate the same time for both devices – an hour for both charge and work. In fact, it turned out that both devices were charged in 50 minutes. Fly was discharged in 1 hour 20 minutes at the most powerful mode, and Candy worked at the same power for almost two hours.

Considering the very wide range of prices on the market (if you do not take very dubious places, prices from 2 to 3.5 thousand were still encountered – a big difference!), It is rather difficult to assess the price/quality ratio. Overall, both devices seemed like fun teasers to me. For us, both toys were not about orgasm at all. I don't really like tickling games, but if you discuss the “action map” with your partner in advance, more precisely, the places that you shouldn't touch directly – for the sake of variety, they have a right to exist in our bedside table. By the way, you can add games with sensory deprivation.

Traditionally, to summarize: if you like the tickling vibration, this is the place for you.

If you are purchasing recently released devices, be especially attentive to wh ere you read the specifications, so as not to be disappointed in the purchase later.