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“Want to pamper yourself? Feel free to choose something from this list, you will not regret it”, advises the author of the telegram channel “Lena and her members”.


Text and photos: Lena and her members

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Today I decided to tell you about the most popular brand among sex bloggers – YESforLOV (France) with their cosmetics about love, comfort, beauty and delicate textures. I do not enjoy literally 1-2 of the brand's products, but all the rest have settled in the heart. YFL is about cool compositions and working tools. Oh, I can sing praises to them as much as I like!

Luxury, love and beauty. This is how I would describe the YESforLOV brand in three words if I had such a task. However, there is no such goal, so you are now reading a long ode to the best products of the brand!

Love fr om the first scent

YESforLOV is a French brand. I met him at my first job in a sex shop. Acquaintance with a wonderful extravaganza of beautiful jars of perfume began. YFL makes selective fragrances for men and women. The aromas are very tart and are said to create a sense of affection and excitement in those who inhale them. For me, it's a complete placebo, but the story is very beautiful!

In addition to perfumes, there is a whole cloud of all sorts of interesting jars and bottles. Cosmétiques du plaisir – cosmetics for sensual pleasures. And indeed, it is. Now I will tell you in order about the pros and cons of each tool.

Intimate Gel Couples Elixir

What it is: an elixir for couples. Gel that increases the sensitivity of the genitals and adds +10 points to any sex. You drip a small pea on the penis or the head of the clitoris, and then catch a slight tingling sensation in this area. Very suitable for those who want to achieve multiple orgasms or intensify sensations. He is on friendly terms with toys and hands. If you are definitely rich (or sex bloggers), then you can use it instead of the usual lubricant. This is simply the best thing that ever happened to my vulva!

Pros: a convenient jar with a dispenser, from which nothing pours out or leaks without your will.

Cons: not suitable for people with low sensitivity.

For: Anyone who has genitals (medium to high sensitivity) and wants to add a touch of love.

Massage oil Titiliating Massage Oil

What it is: The best massage oil in my opinion. With the scent of almonds, sex and the most romantic evenings in your life. I used as many as two cans, and one exclusively for myself. For self-massage after every shower to become an incredibly scented bun. The other went into interaction with partners for massage, and every time was wonderful.

Pros: consumption is minimal. The dispenser dispenses a drop, which is enough for the whole back, and for the whole body - only two or three presses, which is great! The most important plus: the oil does not leave marks on the linen, it is absorbed into the skin, then retaining only a pleasant aroma. Believe me, this is the most important plus: the ability to go to bed after sex, and not run to the shower to wash off the oil.

Cons: the only and main disadvantage is the jar. Gradually it becomes greasy, oily, any identification marks are erased.

For: everyone who has skin! Okay, I'll put it differently. Massage lovers should definitely try it. All my friends squeak from this oil, and it is really delicious!

Massage candle Bewitching Massage Candle

What it is: since we are talking about massage, then here you are – a massage candle. The magic works like this: you warm it over the fire, the oil melts, and then you can drip it onto the skin. This whole story does not burn, but spreads over the body with soft warmth. If it still feels hot, then apply first to the palm of your hand, and then pour it onto the body.

Pros: Amazingly thoughtful design. The creators have provided every little thing in this jar. There is a lid to extinguish the wick and store the candle away from dust. Spout for dotting oil. There is even a ribbon that traps the last drop and prevents it from rolling onto your furniture.

Cons: oil has only one drawback. As for me, it's a bit fat. There is also a film of oil, you have to wait for a long time until it is absorbed. And the product itself is very thick and viscous.

For: those who love a thorough massage, the atmosphere of magic and the ceremony of what is happening.

Anal Lubricant Gel

What it is: a lubricant for anal sex. The most picky and versatile. I'll tell you a secret that it can be used not only for anal sex! For oral and vaginal it is also suitable – the composition allows. Condoms – ok, toys, too. Not a lubricant, but a fairy tale thing!

Pros: Gives a feeling of deep penetration. The glide is such that everything feels more intense and brighter.

Cons: I don't really like the jar. It is quite normal, but I would like a pump for pressing.

For: those who love to take care of their anus and their partner.

Gel lubricant Unisex Lubricant

What it is: a lubricant for vaginal sex. As good as its previous brother, but I like the taste a little less. Suitable for penetration, rabbing, fingering. Everything wh ere genitals are involved!

Pros: Mercilessly good, like almost all of the brand's products.

Cons: I don't know why it exists, when we already have a previous lubricant.

For: people of any gender.

G-spot stimulating gel

What it is: stimulating gel for the G-spot. Turns every penetration into an adventure with orgasms. The gel is slightly hot and makes the G-area extremely sensitive. Very good for squirt and any practice that aims to stimulate the legs of the clitoris.

Pros: For me, naming the pluses here is like talking about pluses of the Elder Wand, a magical item from the world of Harry Potter. It is amazing, creates fireworks, and you don't need more.

Cons: too liquid. We have a handy tube with a spout, but all the contents are literally poured out of it. This makes the expense quite high, however I am willing to forgive this tiny flaw. How Elder Wand was forgiven for killing the previous owner.

For: those who want to increase the sensitivity of the vagina.

Excitement gel

What it is: a gel to stimulate the head of the clitoris. Increases arousal, blood flow and gives orgasm an additional accelerator. As if we press the accelerator pedal in a car – in short, forward at maximum speed! I like to combine it with vacuum clitoral stimulators or with penetration. Both this and that – great.

Pros: very convenient packaging with a spout. Can be applied to the clitoris and massage in a drop of gel.

Cons: not suitable for ladies with low sensitivity.

For: People with clits who want more intense orgasms.

Delicious Brush Massage Oil

What it is: oral sex lubricant with a brush. Can be applied to genitals like a canvas painter, teasing and seducing your partner along the way. After use, the brush must be thoroughly washed with warm water and a cleaner to prevent bacteria from developing.

Pros: The box contains sizzling lollipops, which can also be used for an extra light during oral sex. On contact with saliva, they burst and give a pleasant tingling effect.

Cons: It's too luscious for me, so it's worth trying before buying.

For: those who want to add flavor to oral sex.

Spray Pleasure Prolonging

What it is: prolonging spray. Apply on the head of the penis a couple of times, wait a few minutes, and you're done. Insidious magic in action! From experience I will say that it prolongs somewhere one and a half times, but the member does not grow numb, but retains its sensitivity. Looks stylish, not at all like the basic sex shop “prolongators”.

Pros: The bottle is tiny, but very economical. Enough for about a million years.

Cons: does not greatly increase the duration of sex.

For: People with penises who want to make their sex a little longer.

Summing up, I will say: YESforLOV is good and solid. No disappointed expectations, no unexpected shoals. Proven as working. In terms of price-quality ratio – super, albeit the price is little bit biting. If you want to pamper yourself, feel free to choose something from my longread. All these are tested, considered good and have been used by me for a long time.

The lubricants were provided to the blogger for a test by the online store