Beware angry masturbator

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Uncle Terin is exploring the new Arcwave Ion masturbator from the Wow Tech group.


Text and photo: Telegram channel “Uncle Terin”

Russian version

In fact, not angry at all, but very good. Only it has an ability to emit growling sounds at the owner, which combines a masturbator and a thing with which the Bearded, after turning it on, laughed for seven minutes and affectionately christened Arcwave Ion a bulldog with a very good pedigree...

And the pedigree of this masturbator is really impressive, since the parents, who are also the producers, are the We-Vibe brand , which was one of the very first to bring new technologies to the world of toys.

ION is the Womanizer for those with a penis. This masturbator is the first of a kind and form that does not use vibration or relief, but vacuum-wave stimulation using Pleasure Air technology, where the most sensitive parts of the penis in the area of the glans and frenulum are affected.

Unboxing * Features:

– device;
– charging station, which is also a storage case;
– manuals in a separate envelope;
– small bottle of lubricant;
– a new proprietary type of medical silicone CleanTech (this silicone has higher density; therefore, it is less prone to contamination invisible to the eye, it has become easier to clean, and the material itself is hypoallergenic);
– the masturbator has the shape of an open tunnel, which is suitable for people with any penis length;
– the minimum diameter for use is 3.3 cm (the material stretches, but not too much, 5 cm will most likely be the maximum diameter);
– only the masturbator itself is waterproof, the case must not be exposed to water;
– 8 options for intensity and power;
– the design itself is collapsible, which is convenient to wash;
– there is a special sachet with a moisture-absorbing composition that fits inside the storage case and is great for drying the device (the sachet is reusable).


The Bearded said that he used the toy this way and that, and tested it more than once in recent days, in order to understand all the nuances. (He’s got a circumcised penis with reduced sensitivity of the head)


– a radically new way of interaction (we can safely say that this is a new word in the sphere of male masturbation, in general it is a strong “Womanizer”, screwed into the tube.
– almost does not require movement (the shoulder does not get tired of jerking off);
– quality materials and assembly (looks durable);
– easy and quick to wash with running water;
– excellent charging station (solid, expensive, rich) + the lid from the station snaps into place, and it becomes a case for transportation / storage.


Volume. Everyone at home will know that you are having a good time.


– several levels of strength of work (from gentle, to “you will definitely finish here for me now”);
– two modes of operation: from contact and constant;
– you need a little lubricant, because if you pour it, it gets on the membrane, and the membrane does not resonate so actively;
– I don’t know how it will be for people with other thickness parameters (this time I pressed on the outer wall with my thumb to better fit, because I don’t experience a deficit in orgasms);
– justifies the price by quality and novelty;
– clearly better than the Satisfier Man of various variations.

I will add a few words of my own. About noise; I would not say that it is critically noisier than other masturbators. You can hear it through the sounds of the shower only if you basically listen and be in the vicinity of the bathroom door. At the same time, the device does not create any chomping-squelching sounds, which are really loud and can knock the mood from erotic to hilarious, or can even annoy.


Finally, you can no longer envy your partner that she has a cool vacuum toy, and because of the shape of your genitals, you won't be able to experience this. Now – it will do.

Moreover, the box of the device itself and the way it is packed and decorated look extremely impressive, solid, it is not even a sin to give this to a big boss (and best of all, to yourself).

At the same time, the device itself is not very large, and in the storage case it does not attract any attention at all and looks completely laconic and does not raise questions.

The toy itself and working with it are intuitive, but I recommend not to ignore the instructions!

Love, Terin.

The device was provided to the blogger for a test by the Lavka Freyda (Freud's shop).