Barbara massager by Yuanse

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Our author is testing a new anal vibrator from the Yuanse brand.


© Maria Remneva

Russian version

Anal sex does not lose its popularity despite its long existence and there are a lot of devices in the market that can help achieving pleasure through anal stimulation or preparing the body for this type of sex! However, not all of them are good, unfortunately.

And, by a happy coincidence, I got my hands on the Barbara rotating vibrator from Yuanse. This is a very interesting, high-quality and funny toy. There is not much information about it on the net, which is a pity, because it is great!

The acquaintance begins, as always, with the packaging.

Oh God! She is beautiful!

The box itself looks very high quality and expensive. It is white, textured and very pleasant to hold. There is a removable “dust jacket” with some information about the toy. By the look of the box, one cannot even guess what is inside. The set includes the toy itself, a USB charger, a detailed manual in Russian and a wonderful black velvety bag for storing the device.

The Barbara vibrator itself is pink (but the cover says it is also available in black), pleasant and delicate to the touch, with a mirrored silver ring between the handle and the “working” part separating them. The base of the toy is made in the same style.

The vibrator has a slightly curved shape for ease of use. The handle is incredibly comfortable in the hand thanks to the ergonomic design of the case, according to the developer. “Working”, it is also rotating, part of the vibrator reminds everyone of the usual anal balls, as expected, increasing their diameter towards the base. The balls are soft, hollow inside, compressed when pressed. There are 3 such balls on the toy. The vibrator is made of velvety and tactilely pleasant hypoallergenic medical silicone. There are 2 hidden buttons on the handle: upper, smaller, for switching rotation, and lower, large, for on / off and speed control. What is great – there are absolutely no seams on the toy, there is nothing that can somehow injure you.

Due to its size, the device fits very comfortably in the hand, enters gently without causing pain or discomfort. The total length of the toy is small, only 13.9 cm, but the working length is only 6.5 cm, the diameter of the largest ball is 2.35 cm. The weight is only 88 grams.

The toy has a built-in rechargeable battery. The approximate runtime is about 1 hour, as the manufacturer claims. Of course, at higher speeds the device will drain faster.

The rotator has a powerful motor, it is quiet, the noise is similar to a slight buzz; there are 6 modes:
– constant rotation clockwise and counterclockwise;
– alternate rotation clockwise / counterclockwise at an angle of about 30 degrees;
– alternate rotation clockwise / counterclockwise at an angle of about 180 degrees;
– rotation alternately 1 circle clockwise, 1 circle counterclockwise;
– rotation alternately 30 degrees clockwise, 180 degrees counterclockwise.

In addition, the device has 3 speeds in each mode. The difference in speed between the first and the last is noticeable, I would advise starting, of course, with the first, lowest speed.

The toy is turned on by simply pressing the bottom button for 3 seconds. The modes are easily changed with a short press of the top button. Switching off and on is performed from any mode. All buttons are very easy to press! Each mode can be made stronger or weaker using the power button. But, unfortunately, the modes cannot be rewound. To return to the mode you like, you have to scroll through all the available ones.

It is very interesting to use this massager in the dark or twilight: when it is turned on, there is a pink illumination of the buttons and the beginning of the working mechanism – an additional pleasant bonus.

Attention: the toy is not waterproof! You can wash it, and you can take it to the shower, but I do not advise you to immerse it in water: it is protected only from strong flows.

Yes, do not forget that the hull of the product is made of silicone, so it cannot be used with silicone or hybrid lubricants; such substances can only damage the coating. A water-based lubricant works well for such a toy. And yes, anal sex without lubrication can hurt. Don’t forget it!

Treating Barbara is very convenient and simple: before the first use, you must thoroughly wash the device, rinse and wipe it as the manufacturer advises. Immediately after use, you need to rinse the device with running water and mild soap, or with special cleaning agents for sex toys. Then you can use a special cleaner for sex toys and “in action”, wipe with wet tissues and treat with an antiseptic without alcohol in the composition.

By myself, I want to note that there are absolutely no unpleasant or painful sensations! The device is perfect for both self-stimulation and during preparations for anal sex. But I would like to note that when you change the direction of rotation, you may have strange sensations, as if the toy "jumps out" of you. Here I advise you to either hold it or tighten certain muscles.

What's also interesting about this device is that you can use it for both anal and vaginal stimulation. The sensations from both are very unusual and interesting, I advise everyone to try this additional option.

Barbara is ideal for beginners, for those who are afraid to start their anal experience; also, such a vibrator will be perfect for couples. Due to its small size and neatness and elegance, the toy does not cause feelings of fear and horror, on the contrary, you just want to try it! And if girls are accustomed to such vibrators, then I strongly advise guys to pay their attention to this toy. Anal sex for men is great and helps to experience new sensations, to discover new facets in you, and this little toy will help to do everything slowly and accurately.

I definitely recommend this toy!

The editors would like to thank X-Market company for the toy provided to the author for the test