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According to the sex blogger some Men's Max masturbators captured (her partner's) heart and took an honorable place on the head of the bed.


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Russian version

Men's Max is a Japanese company that is capturing the Russian market. I first got to know their brand thanks to Tenga's egg-like pocket masturbators. Their feature is the "add water" feature called + Wetch, that is, they do not need additional lubrication, although some of them contain a packet which is enough for 2-3 uses of the masturbator. Is it really enticing? Especially if you urgently need to experience pleasure in an unusual place, and there is only water nearby instead of a lubricant.

I have three completely different masturbators in my hands.

1. Feel – soft sleeve, no upper capsule. On the surface of the sleeve there is a relief for the convenience of the position of the fingers.


If moisture gets on the outer part of the masturbator, then it is simply impossible to keep it, it becomes all slippery, so there is an instruction on the box (we, as usual, from these “why do we need instructions then?”) You need to wrap the sleeve with a napkin or paper towel, then it will not slide out and the compression force can be controlled if needed.

Material and its condition.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) – but the Japanese make it themselves, and it is as close as possible to real skin, both in touch and in feel. The material, although thick, is pliable and stretches both in width and length, so it will fit absolutely all penis sizes.

After the first use, the material begins to tear. Puffs, stretch marks and pellets remain. This does not affect the use itself, except for the appearance of the masturbator. The good thing is that the debris almost does not stick to the surface.

Relief. Simple, especially if twisted and looked at, but insanely tight. The sleeve very tightly wraps around and squeezes the penis from all sides. There are hardly perceptible points inside the 12 folds, twisted into a spiral, but the beauty is that not only the head is stimulated, but the entire penis as a whole, in order to give a maximum of various sensations.

Orgasm. Fast, everything is very sensitive, as if you are being gripped and released only after emptying. Everything is too sensitive after use, this is very rare.

The usage capacity

In general, this is a reusable sleeve, but judging by the puffs, I think that after a few active uses, it will not look very exciting.

Cleaning and storage

After use, the toy must be turned out, rinsed thoroughly and left to dry. Be sure to check that it is dry, otherwise mold will form inside and the material will become covered with black spots. Store preferably in a bag.

Impression. Unusual, tight, powerful – three words that can describe the Feel masturbator. Great for those with sensitivity issues because this sleeve will wake anyone up

Rating: 9 out of 10.

2. G-Cup: Soft Edition – an embossed sleeve in a plastic capsule wrapped in foam rubber and glued to it – a very unusual combination


The tube has recesses for four fingers to make it comfortable to hold the toy. But when the penis penetrates, the material itself goes deeper, since the foam rubber is punched and does not hold the sleeve, due to this, the tube itself can hurt the penis with its edges.

Material and its condition. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) – unlike the previous model, here it seems that the material is very cheap and with impurities. Although it is soft, it is dense and difficult to give in, moreover, because of the tuba and foam rubber, the sleeve is limited in size and, most likely, will fit thin penises, since there is no room at all. Dirt sticks to the material very quickly, and white becomes black.

After the first use, the sleeve peels off the foam, but it seems to me that it should not be so.

Stickiness. Insanely sticky after first use, but the lubricant removes the stickiness. For a while.

Relief. Interesting, there are a lot of different points inside, but all of them are not intense enough, as though in the distance, constantly lacking in intensity, you can endlessly use it but there are no strong sensations.

Orgasm. Unfortunately, it didn't work out – I got tired of inventing sensations which simply do not exist.

Working capacity

Since the toy is glued, according to the idea, you can pull it out of the tube only by tearing off the material from the tube, pulled out together with the foam rubber, you can put it back in the same way without problems.

Cleaning and storage

The toy must be thoroughly rinsed and dried, avoiding mold, and also try not to stain the foam rubber, as it creates a barrier of rigidity. Everything is stored in a tube, it has a lid that twists and the sleeve becomes inconspicuous.

Impression. I didn’t like it at all, stupid and not interesting in relief.

Rating: 2 out of 10.

3. Capsule Attack – a practical and compact embossed egg, it's a pity that there is no lubricant in the kit, and the capsule itself does not have the “add water” technology.


An interesting travel masturbator that can be put into any bag and is always at hand. Inside there is a familiar masturbation egg that fits perfectly in the hand.

Material and its condition. Transparent TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) – stretches well in different directions, but designed mainly to work to stimulate the head. An interesting solution is to make it transparent in order to see how the entire relief works on the penis – an interesting process. The material very strongly attracts dirt, which is difficult to clean.

After the first use, the material does not deform much, but tears appear in the form of small droplets, later these droplets can turn into holes, breaking the effect of the vacuum created by the egg.

Relief. There are ribs on the head, and just below there are balls of different sizes. But they are too soft, so much so that the relief can be felt by those men who are very, very sensitive, and who do not like strong stimulation. In our case, it was nothing at all, no feeling of relief, we tried both with and without lubrication, and doing various circular, strong, weak movements - nothing at all.

Working capacity

As conceived, most likely, this capsule is for 1-2 usages, depending on the intensity of use. The material is fragile and very easy to tear, especially on the sides.

Cleaning and storage

The egg is easily turned inside out, and you can dry it by pulling it straight onto the capsule, then back into the capsule for storage.

Impression. The idea is interesting and has a place under the sun, especially for sensitive men, but still Pucchi loses to eggs on all fronts, both in price and in sensations