Alina Luab: Screaming Made Me Scream

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The test drive of the unique vibrator from S-Hande impressed a sex blogger.


© Alina Luab

Russian version

Do you know the feeling when little hammers are knocking all over your body? When pleasure rises from the tips of the fingers to the crown of the head in small pounding vibrations and makes the body freeze? These are the sensations I experienced with a toy, the name of which is really suggestive.

What is it?

This is a new, absolutely unique thing in my collection – Screaming vibrator from S-Hande company – the best of the best for me today!

This Screaming with the functions of immersion vibration and vacuum stimulation struck my imagination and made me say: “Wow!”

White and pink vibrator with nine vibration modes and nine speeds of vacuum stimulation is designed to give real pleasure! This is a great option for those who are not ready for simultaneous stimulation, but prefer a choice – powerful deep vibration or “air” caress.


The toy is available in three colors: soft pink, purple (my favorite) and bright pink. I got the brightest – the color of the Barbie doll. This vibrator with a white vacuum cap is made of high quality, very pleasant to the touch medical silicone. Its dimensions are comfortable for me: 18.4 cm is the length of the immersion part, 3.7 cm is its diameter, 1.1 cm is the diameter of the vacuum nozzle.

The toy resembles a hammer, in which the handle is a submerged vibrating process, the striker is a vacuum-stimulated attachment, and the toe is a gentle ladder-shaped relief. Very pleasant to the eye, aesthetic, and nice to the body!


Screaming is completely waterproof, charged using the magnetic charger included in the package. Magnets are located at the base of the vacuum nozzle.

The toy charges up to 100% in about 2-3 hours, and discharges to zero in 60-90 minutes, depending on the selected mode.

Modes and speeds

As I mentioned above, the device has 9 vibration modes and 9 vacuum stimulation modes. Two control buttons, softly recessed in silicone, are adorned with cute monograms. One is for the vibrating process, the other is for the vacuum nozzle. They work only for switching on, selecting a mode and switching off. You will not be able to adjust your favorite mode to your own speed – all modes are programmed for maximum speed.

The toy is turned on by long-pressing one of the buttons (depending on what we are going to play today), and by the same pressing it turns off. Modes are switched by simple short pressing. The buttons are very soft and easy enough to press, so if you do awkwardly, you can accidentally switch from your favorite mode, which can undoubtedly be very distracting.

What is it like in business?

The Screamer, or as I called it “Hammer”, judging by the instructions, is adapted for immersion vibrating stimulation and vacuum stimulation of the nipples, but we all know that the “vacuumer” can also be pleasantly applied on the clitoris...

The immersion part does not cause discomfort and stimulates the G zone very gently. The vibration of is deep, literally carried by waves throughout the body, and besides, it is multifunctional: this vibrator served me perfectly as a neck massager!

The vacuum stimulation of this vibrator is worthy of a separate “bravo” even though it is quite noisy. 9 speeds, from the gentlest to the most powerful, allow you to neatly familiarize yourself with a new type of stimulation (if you are a beginner), as well as simply wind up and tune in for more intense modes. The orgasms from the “vacuumer” did not have to wait long – and that's great! An excellent device for quick discharge.

In a pair game Screaming proved to be a gorgeous assistant for foreplay: thanks to its slightly curved shape and the location of the vacuum nozzle, the vibrator fits well on the vulva, and if the partner presses his genitals to the toy, the vibration will be transmitted to both of them in pleasant waves. And the most interesting thing – hands are free for hugs!


Screaming is a wonderful sex toy in which I could not find any cons. It is beautiful, lightweight, easy to operate and pleasant to the touch, and most importantly, it gives real pleasure! Not to double the stimulation but to give me a choice is an ingenious solution, I am very grateful to S-Hande for that! And also, this vibrator has a very stylish box which is also a definite plus!

My rating is 10/10 and I proudly and responsibly recommend the Screaming vibrator!