Alien Battle: Zumio X vs S-hande Sparkle Kit

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NochnajaSkazka (NightTale) blogger experienced unusual toys that, at first glance, are unclear how to use.


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I have been biding too much time with a review. But I honestly pulled myself together and here it is – a comparison of two similar but different toys!

Zumio X, a toy designed by women for women.

Zumio X looks like an alien probe. The reason I was worried about the sensations is because the vibrating element is very narrow and inflexible. But when you turn the device on, the hardness of the vibrating part seems good: it feels like the tip is spinning.

However, what makes Zumio truly unique is that the intensity of the vibrations actually decreases when the toy is pressed closer to your body. Lightly applying the tip of the toy to the clitoris (or to the nipple, or to the labia, or to the testicles, or somewhere else), you get a powerful vibration. The greater the pressure, the slower the rotation of the tip of the toy, and the stronger the sensation: the vibration is not point, it seems to run across the body.

For example, if you put Zumio to the palm of your hand, then vibration will be felt at your fingertips. The same is with the clitoris: vibration awakens not only the head, but also the rest of the clitoris, all that is hidden deep in the body.

Thanks to such a vibration, I got excited quite quickly, but the climax took me a lot longer than I expected, more likely if there was a penis or other toy in the vagina, the orgasm would catch up faster.

Zumio X is suitable both for couples and single players. The advantage of the device is a convenient handle that does not vibrate at all and does not give any recoil, so the hand does not get stiff during the game. I would recommend Zumio to those who have difficulty with arousal and length of foreplay.

Water resistance: full, the toy can be submerged in the bath.

Charge: an additional docking station, o which the toy is inserted, inside the battery, the only thing that alarms me is how much the device heats up on charging, wouldn’t it be harmful for the device?

Speed: Zumio X has eight speeds in total and honestly the first one was enough for me, while the second one was too sensitive. The toy has no vibration patterns.

Material: the handle is made of plastic, the tip too, but the control panel is made of silicone.

Management: intuitive. There are on and off buttons and the “infinity” sign for switching speeds.

A storage bag and a special plastic cover are included to protect the narrow “probe”.

Sound: a very quiet toy, even under the blanket it is not heard.

Rating : 10 out of 10.

Sparkle Kit by S-hande

It doesn’t look so intimidating anymore, plus it has two interchangeable nozzles for a variety of sensations, but the quality of the product immediately confused me. Especially when I began to change the nozzles: they are removed easily, but you have hard time to them back. Some of them I could not even pull, so as a result, the core was exposed. And what if moisture gets there? Will the toy die? To put on the nozzle to the end, you need to get it into the castle correctly. Yes, exactly what you need in bed at the time of passion

The stimulation is insanely intense, too direct, most of the time It was painful and tickling, even at the smallest speeds. I could not concentrate fully, I constantly wanted to put the toy away from my sensitive areas, no matter if it was the clitoris, or the nipples or the tip of the nose.

The next thing I didn’t like was the control: just one button. Upon a detailed examination, it became clear that there is still a switch inside this button, but when you have long nails it is quite difficult to use. But on the other side of the toy there is a ribbed surface that allows the device to sit firmly in the hand.

Sparkle's intensity is crazy: you excite the body faster than the degree of excitement rises, and then comes an orgasm. You need to get used to this if you want to make friends with the device.

Three nozzles are included: a rod with a ball, a double rod with balls and a brush. The brush is an interesting option, but still too sensitive and ticklish, too intense, I would like the vibration to be a little weaker.

Water resistance: full, the toy can be submerged in the bath.

Charge: a magnetic charger, the battery holds up to two hours.

Speed: a total of nine speeds, three intense ascending speeds and six pulsating patterns with variable intensity.

Material: the whole toy is made of silicone, the tips are soft and bend well in different directions, except for the main shaft. Although this kind of silicone attracts dirt very strongly.

Management: one button with a solid center and soft side elements for changing speeds.

Unfortunately, there is no box or bag to store, but the gift wrap is very beautiful.

Sound: very noisy, similar to the rumble of a power supply or a transformer booth, madly knocks down and does not allow to concentrate.

Rating: 3 out of 10.