A yummy I Can Afford

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What sweets for the night will not hurt the figure? The popular blogger O-la-la gives the answer!


Text and photo: O-la-la

Russian version

I'm sure many women like me are watching their waist and restrict themselves to the evening sweets. But we know that there is a way out. Edible lubricants are clearly invented for us. After all, to be honest, the guys don't care about them, by and large.

I've got Dzhaga-Dzhaga oral lubricants for the test and it’s delicious guys! I got: coconut, multifruit cocktail and chocolate. I don't like chocolate stuff because they tend to have a chemistry or super sugary feel. However, Biomed broke the stereotype.

So, to begin with, I note that water-based lubricants. The composition is aloe extract, hibiscus, lactic acid, food supplement, allantoin (a cosmetic component that intensifies healing). In general, I did not find anything, absolutely nothing unnatural. Although, honestly, I was looking for it.

In terms of consistency, this is a very pleasant lubricant, a little stringy. If you want to start with a light massage, it is also suitable for yoni massage or lingam – ok, if you do not focus on this. As an element of foreplay, flowing into oral sex – it is super. Also, can it be used with Tenga, for example, it is toy-safe and pleasant for you.

The multifruit is not intrusive, it has a delicate taste. The chocolate is similar to Nesquick, which made me happy and surprised. And coconut, well, it's just a looove! If you like the aroma of this fruit, feel free to take it.

It does not leave a sticky feeling, even after the massage, there were no stains on the linen either. Before that, I didn't really pay attention to Russian manufacturers, but Dzhaga-Dzhaga and Biomed Nutrition really pleased me!