A White Dragonfly of Love or Liebelulla Rosa in short

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Blogger Asya Seredova conducted a test drive of a peculiar-shaped vibrating egg from MoyToy.


© Asya

Russian version

The history of the vibro-egg is as long as the history of the vibrator itself. Most often the first association with a vibrating egg is a silver plastic egg with a wire and a battery-powered remote control.

With Liebelulla Rosa from Moy Toy everything is different. First, no batteries, but an accumulator. Secondly, although there is a wire, it is only for charging from USB. Third, there are eight vibration modes. The manufacturer states that the vibration is “thick and low” and I absolutely agree with that. The body of the egg is made of gentle silicone, velvety to the touch.

According to the form factor, the name is fully justified: it is really a dragonfly, delicate, pink, with bulging eyes and a curved tail, elastic enough to hold onto it for easy movement when the egg is inside. At the very tip of the tail there is a button to turn it on and switch vibrations, which is quite convenient. And of course, you can’t help but notice these fluttering wings of love. They are removable, which is important for internal use. The manufacturer hinted towards using the wings as an erection ring, but, in my opinion, this is possible only in the absence of an alternative and with a strong desire while following all the rules of this practice.

The model in my hands has a built-in heating. There is a similar model without it but here I can say for sure that I was lucky that it is there: its main task is not only to make the toy more comfortable, but also to increase the blood flow to the pelvic organs...

Toys such as this dragonfly are a universal option: the vibrating egg will both help introduce a couple their first toy and expand the skills of experienced players. The wonderful appearance of Liebelulla Rosa will not leave any girl indifferent: a light laugh replaced by an excited quivering “Ahhh!” The general sensations from the toy are pleasant: it is nice to take in hands and I really do not want to let it out. Light, sensual play from touching the wings only teases, while deep penetration already fully satisfies all needs. The feeling of the heating function changes absolutely everything: you concentrate on this heat when you are active. It is like a guiding star of your orgasm when the feeling of vibration disappears and only warmth remains... Oh. What am I talking about? By the way, I will clarify that stimulation with different sides of the toy gives different sensations. The vibration on a thin ponytail feels completely different.

My verdict: if this is your first toy or if you want an affordable, interesting and beautiful one, then it’s your choice.

And this appearance of the toy is also suitable for those who have excessively curious relatives and neighbors: there will definitely be no questions.

Love to all!