The secret inside: a vibrobullet Asha from Panthra

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“It remains to wait for summer, so that you can throw lipstick, your phone into this purse and go and drink sparkling wine on the street until morning,” – Akula Pera.


Text and photo: Akula Pera

Russian version

“Just be happy. Smile. Wear lipstick” – these words belong to Monica Bellucci. I will not even contradict this amazing woman! I’ll just add: you will definitely want to smile if you wear (and use) Asha “lipstick” fr om the Dutch brand Panthra (ONE-DC).

In fact, Asha is a vibro bullet that looks exactly like lipstick. Above is a leopard print plastic shell and inside is a black silicone mini vibrator, cool to touch and look. So, you take off the cap, press the button and start conjuring with this small, but knowledgeable magic wand. By the way, there is only one button. With the help of it, the mini-vibrator is turned on, and modes are switched to it. I love this, but if you missed a pattern you like, you have to circle again.

Asha is well suited for girls with a sensitive clitoris, since its vibration is of medium power, even at the strongest mode. For those who like the vibration of a harder, the toy may seem rather weak.

The vibro bullet is suitable for both solo games and partner sex. And if you do not lim it your imagination, then it is pleasant to stimulate any erogenous zones with a toy: nipples, scrotum, anus, ears (why not?). The only thing to remember is that only water-based lubricant can be used with the toy so as not to damage the silicone.

Asha is not afraid of splashes: you can play in the shower, by the pool and even on the beach. But it's better to forget about deep diving with a mini-vibrator – the device is not sealed so thigh.

It is convenient to carry the vibrating bullet with you not only because it does not give itself out, but also because Asha closes with a cap – nothing gets dirty. Something constantly sticks to the silicone, but here, after washing and drying, you closed the mini-vibrator, threw it into your purse and went on about your business.

The toy is quiet, but of course you can't turn it on at a meeting. On the other hand, the vibro bullet is not intended to be put into panties during important negotiations, so it is quite comfortable to play with it at home or, for example, in the movies.

The vibro bullet comes with a leopard belt bag – it's very stylish. And Asha charges from a regular USB port, the wire is included.

The vibrating massager was provided for the test by the wholesale company S-Market with the assistance of