A soft “Rabbit” from WANAME Gulf

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Sasha Laskovaya spoke about the pros and cons of the Waname vibrator.


© Sasha Laskovaya

Russian version

I heard good reviews about WANAME vibrators, and I even wanted to buy one. And then they sent it to me for a review. I thought that there was nothing softer than toys from G-vibe, then I touched Iroha and realized that there was. The WANAME Gulf vibrator is also very soft.

Basic characteristics

Material: silicone, ABS plastic.
Number of motors: 2.
The charging time, as well as the usage time, is not indicated by the manufacturer.
Charging type: plug. Includes a charging cable. Separately, I will note the design and the box - the manufacturers have done their best. Everything is very nice and high quality.
Modes: 6 on each process.


The buttons are raised and it is easy to find and press them. A big plus is the ability to separately control the processes. The + and - buttons are responsible for the vaginal part. You can return to the previous mode if you skipped it.

The clitoral process is controlled by the power button, here you will need to go through the circle if you jumped to the desired mode and after the circle there is a “window” when the vibration is turned off. Minus - if you want to turn off the vaginal process, you will have to turn off the vibrator completely.

Vibration, shape and material

The manufacturer promises low frequency incredible vibration. At the same time, the vibration on the processes is very different: low-frequency, pleasant in the trunk and very superficial in the clitoral process. Maybe my clitoris is not particularly sensitive to such vibration, but I did not feel it at all. It felt like someone just put a finger on it. I never complained on the low sensitivity of my clitoris.

The full length of the vibrator is 22.5 cm, the diameter is 3.5 cm, the vaginal process is 12 cm, the clitoral process is 5 cm. The vibrator has projections on the head, they did not give me any special effect, but the lubricant rolls off them more slowly.

The vaginal process bends very slightly – consider this if this is important to you.

The clitoral part is flexible and has an unusual shape – it’s flat on one side. I have never met this with vibrators.


The main disadvantage for me was the lack of a normal manual. Nothing at all. And the vibration in the clitoral process which did not suit me. In the vaginal one it is pleasant, deep and quickly brings you an orgasm (if you put it against the clitoris). Overall – a good rabbit made of bioskin – like material. This is important for those who love tactile toys.