A peg and a golden cookie

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We present you a description of a test drive and promo videos of a pair of toys by FANFAN SET (Zalo) from the author of the "Vike Ne Stydno".



               © Vike ne stydno

Peg toys are designed to maximize the use of several zones simultaneously without the help of hands.

One part with a motor is to be immersed into a woman (stimulation of the front wall, G-zone and a penis upon penetration). The second part, also with a motor, lies on the clitoris.

On the peg itself, there is a power button, it is also a mode switch, but since it is annoying to constantly distract on multi- clicks  a remote control with three buttons was created (the middle one - switch on\off and select  modes, and two arrows +\ - to adjust the speed) . When turned on, a pink indicator lights up both on the peg and remote control, they connect to each other at a distance of up to 10 m.

In fact, this toy can be used as an analogue of vibro- panties or vibro- eggs for going out.

The toy has only 8 vibration modes and 8 speeds for each mode. The modes are funny and the vibration itself is intense but not intrusive. I liked it and even for solo use it is very fun.

In addition, there is an application which is suitable for all Zalo toys. There you can play with existing modes and create your own. And the most fun mode for me is music. You turn on any track, and the toy "plays" in its rhythm.

The app also has a calorie counter that shows how much you burned in the process. But to be honest it does not inspire confidence.

My favorite topic is packaging, as you already understood. I'm talking about the box! It is from the category of "thank you, I came." Decorated as a vintage jewelry box, for a gift - VERY cool! Inside there is a manual, a warranty card, a thick gray bag with the Zalo logo (even the bag itself looks like an incredibly stylish gift). All this with golden satin ribbons, there is a USB charger (without an adapter). The box has a double bottom, on the bottom there is a toy and a remote control.

The Zalo brand is developed in the United States but they assemble toys in China (like almost all other brands (do not confuse toys assembled in China with toys from Aliexpress and other dubious sites for acquiring what plunges into you and comes into contact with mucous membranes).

The main thing of the brand is that they copy the coolest toys on the market, but create their incredible design, from color and monograms to Swarovski rhinestones, plated with 24-carat gold and the inspiration of the eras when creating the packaging design.

The FANFAN SET toy is one of the four Versailles series. Design: France.

Zalo has a FANFAN toy - a simple peg. FANFAN SET is a later version, where they added a very useful remote control in the form of cookies or a round mirror, which conveniently fits in your hand.

And of course a few words about the cons.

There is no Russian / Ukrainian description in the manual.

The toy withstands splashes, but you can’t immerse it in water, which is very strange considering a rather high price and the general idea of ​​the manufacturer (they mixed gadgets of other brands and did not take into account water resistance). At the same time many stores write that the toy is completely waterproof while splash-proof and not waterproof is indicated in the manual and on the box. In fact, this can be understood even by looking at the charging connector.

The peg’s leg is not fixed, it is flexible, but you cannot to adapt it to your anatomy. This is the main problem, the toy seeks to shrink back + vibration + lubrication + partner movements = "you figure it out yourself, I am leaving." Although this might not be everyone’s problem , for all bodies are different.

The application is not improved. You choose English, and half of the modes have hieroglyphic description. Everything is visually clear from the pictures, but still.