A New PFMs Kegel Coach simulator

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Sex blogger Maria Chesnokova found the pros and cons of playing with a bird.


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I love new things! Unpacking a new toy is always like opening a birthday present, anticipating what awaits you.

Inside the package there is a warranty ticket, a manual, a USB charger, a storage bag, and, naturally, the Kegel Coach itself. Both the packaging and the device are made in a girly candy pink color, which often annoys me personally in sex toys (hello, gender stereotypes!). But the storage pouch is sewn fr om a gray fabric that feels good to the touch, and this prevents me fr om wrinkling my nose too much.

The Coach is made fr om a nice tactile material, a long soft antenna ending in a ball, and inside this ball there is a charging socket, which is cleverly and securely hidden in pink silicone: it is difficult for water to get in there, so the device can be washed quite safely in water, but please, do not bathe it – the toy is not intended to be submerged under water. The charger itself also looks peculiar: it is magnetic, but its shape is unusual – with a tiny pin in the middle.

The Coach is turned on and off with a single button with a light indicator, it also shows whether the device is working and whether it is discharged. The egg starts blinking when discharged and glows steadily when the full charge is reached. The egg needs to be charged for about an hour and a half.

In the new model of the vaginal trainer there are sensors on the sides that respond to compression. You ins ert the egg inside (water or hybrid lubricant will come in handy here), leaving a long antenna outside and attach a special "anchor" to this antenna, which, firstly, fixes the position of the egg inside and secondly, directs the antenna to the side pubis and makes it possible to connect via Bluetooth to the Magic Kegel application in your phone. It is important to position the egg inside so that it is not at all at the entrance (meaning no part of the egg sticks out of the entrance of the vagina), but at the same time does not go too deep, since all our intimate muscles that we control, and which are going to swing, they are quite close to the entrance to the vagina and in the depths there is nothing to swing. The second very important point is your posture during exercise. It will not work successfully to use the Kegel Coach while sitting or standing since the position of your legs, spine or the work of the abdominal muscles can compromise the operation of the sensors and give false results. The correct position for exercises is lying on your back on a rug, a bed or a sofa (the main thing is that the back and the pelvis are not twisted), the legs are bent at the knees, the shoulder width apart (it is important not to bring them together).

The instructions in the illustrations depict a woman in sportswear but experience has shown that even underwear, being at least a little tight, can give false triggering of sensors, and the bluetooth in the egg is such that it falls off the phone from any, even such insignificant, obstacles. Perhaps this is a feature of my phone, I have not been able to retest it with another phone yet. But objectively, almost all toys with a Bluetooth connection, one way or another, periodically fall off. Yes, yes, We-Vibe also suffers from this, but with Kegel Coach at least the cost of the toy is not so critical, and I have less expectations.

The Kegel Coach has two modes of operation: the simplest, without a phone, called the “feedback mode” wh ere you lie in an arbitrary tempo and rhythm of the muscles squeeze and egg in response reacts vibration. I recommend this mode for those who use such simulators for the first time and / or have never done Kegel exercises before and / or do not really understand how her muscles work and wh ere they are generally located. In this mode, you just lie and study your body – “now I strain these muscles, and the egg vibrates, which means I am doing everything right, but now I strain my stomach and nothing happens, and now...”

The second mode is, in fact, the essential part of the Magic Kegel application. This is a popular and well-known application that is very similar to the work of other mobile applications for sports training.

Magic Kegel gives you a choice of different types of workouts: there are workouts for beginners, for those preparing for pregnancy, for those who have recently given birth, workouts after menopause, workouts for those who sit a lot in the office and those who want to use training to make muscles stronger and improve this quality and duration of orgasms.

All workouts have a different number of sessions, approaches within one session and a different duration, but in general they boil down to one thing: you see a window with a bird and, straining your intimate muscles, make the bird fly up.

Kegel Coach's on-screen directions and vibrations tell you at what point the bird should take off and how long it should stay in the air (that is, when to tense the muscles, and how much to keep them tense). At the end of the workout, the application shows you your average result: pressure strength, endurance, and more - and allows you to track your progress during training.

This method of training, on the one hand, has a large number of advantages – it is visual, it is convenient, it has already been calculated for you how much and how you do it in order to achieve good results, and on the other hand, it requires a lot of awareness and sensitivity. And this is wh ere the main pitfall lies: the abdominal muscles can also make the bird fly. If you do not yet understand exactly how to control your muscles, training like “no time to think, the bird must fly now” can turn from training intimate muscles into training “aaand…PUSH!” – and in addition to the obvious uselessness of such work for intimate muscles, this can even inspire a false confidence that, when pushing you are doing everything right and your intimate muscles are working well, because the bird is flying, and the results after training are shown on the screen as “good”.

Perhaps the most important thing when working with the Kegel Coach (as, indeed, with any similar device) is to understand that it is not a super-serious tool, and even not a medical device, and you should treat it as a tool with which you can develop your sensitivity and get pleasant emotions and sensations without going headlong into the desire to se t vaginal Olympic records. Please be careful with yourself.

To summarize: this is a cool modern simulator that provides greater training accuracy due to improved sensors. It has a smaller shape and will suit petite girls, and those for whom all other devices seemed too big. If you are looking for an affordable Kegel trainer in order to brighten your orgasms, or because you are looking after your health at all levels, this is a great choice.

I advise you to take a water-based lubricant for the Kegel Coach. Vaginal simulators should be washed especially thoroughly with warm water and soap after each use to avoid possible microflora disturbances. This happens if you don't wash the toy, but if you are wanting to be on a completely safe side, use a toycleaner.

Cons: buggy application and a falling-off Bluetooth. But maybe you're lucky and everything will be ok – it depends on your phone. I would like a greater variety of built-in games with active training, it has already become boring to play only with a bird.