A Fiery ode to YESforLOV

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Ronny Black cannot explain what she remembered the scent of a massage candle for, but talks in detail about the pleasure she received.


Text and photo: Ronny Black (Saliva is not lubrication)

Russian version

Today we will talk about a massage candle from the French brand YESforLOV. Their candles are supplied in a volume of 120 ml, that is, they are big. On my candle it is written that the aroma is heady, and there is even something in it. I have already tried a lot of different candles, and thus YFL is so far different from everyone else precisely in their aromas. They are unisex, not heavy, but very memorable. And it's very difficult to immediately understand what it smells like, to be honest. But what I can say for sure is that the smell is attractive and very pleasant. When I read the reviews of my colleagues in the shop, I was very curious why they all squeak like that and why they can't really explain the smells. Well hello, now I'm among them.

The candle is equipped with a spout and a lid, and tied with a branded ribbon. This tape compensates for my sloppiness. When I pour the oil inaccurately, the remains of it get to that ribbon and don’t flow further. And then the oil solidifies back. At the same time, trying not to waste the good! Product, I just scrape off the hard oil with my finger and smear it on the thighs. It turns out something like a perfume. Moreover, the smell really fitted me.

The oil does not drop every second, but at the same time the consumption is very economical, I can say. The oil is thick, glides well and is also well absorbed (also not immediately). Well, so you understand, I have about 1/3 of the candle melted now, though I tried and used it often. So often that for now I decided to take a break and use something else.

And yes, the oil can be poured even while the candle is burning: it does not burn the skin, but simply warms, which is a plus, because this way you can surprise a partner who is not aware of these matters. In addition, the smell is just amazing!

Verdict. This premium thing is worth paying for. Every ruble spent will be worth it, and the question “What is this? Are they crazy winding up the price?” Here you can see and feel everything at once. Yes, the skin after this candle is another story. At first I liked the oil itself and the smell, but then I started to apply it only in order to touch myself and squeak “Wow! I am all so soft! ”, And the smell! Yeah! Moreover, after absorption, it is very light and barely noticeable. After using a candle, I don't rush to wash off the oil. But if you need it, then it can be easily washed off with water and shower gel or a soap.

In general, I am all delighted. This post was supposed to be devoted to two things at once, but it seems that my ode to this candle came out too long, so we'll leave one more consumable from YFL for later.