A delight that tastes of Baileys

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One of the flavored lubricants from the Juicy Fruit line has been extensively tested by Alina Luab.


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Strawberries, chocolate, pineapples... All this is so ordinary, familiar, you want something interesting and hot, right?

An intimate gel-lubricant from the Dzhaga-Dzhaga brand (manufactured by Biomed Nutrition) with a Baileys flavor is perfect for aromatic experiments!

What is it?

A water-based flavored gel (lubricant) with the taste and aroma of Baileys is what I have long dreamed of! A hot mix of taste and pleasure.

It is thick enough to be evenly distributed over the skin, and liquid enough not to waste a second of time and start to caress sooner.

The aroma and taste of this gel are very soft, not harsh and very pleasant. There is no burning sensation or bitterness, everything is as natural and tasty as possible. However without alcoholic bitterness the aroma of the gel resembles more caramel than Baileys, and tastes like caramel with hints of cream and coffee. All in all, though it is perfect for both Baileys and caramel lovers!


I am not a chemist and did not begin to disassemble all the ingredients of this lubricant gel. What pleased me is that the composition is quite short, and, judging by the fact that I google it, it is almost completely natural. The composition consists mainly of moisturizing components, there is no sugar at all, and this gel is ideal for vegetarians and vegans, since it contains mainly components of plant origin (aloe vera and vegetable glycerin).

What is he like in business?

With oral sex, the lubricant gel induces good salivation, which contributes to a comfortable contact. At the same time, the lubricant is well diluted with saliva, and when dry / thickened on the skin, one drop of saliva will allow you to continue to caress your partner without unnecessary manipulations.

By the way, the gel does not thicken and dries quickly, which is a huge plus! It is gentle, slippery and comfortable. At the same time, it is washed off with warm water, leaving a light caramel aroma on the skin.

I had my doubts about using the gel for penetrating sex, as the description on the label confused me. It states that it is oral (intended only for oral sex), and at the same time, the manufacturer called the lubricant gel universal (suitable for both oral sex and penetration). I thought for a very long time whether it was worth testing it in this direction, and decided to try it.

Upon penetration, the gel gave good glide without any viscosity or discomfort. Everything was soft, pleasant, sensual, and there was almost no need to add lubricant again – it mixed well with vaginal lubricant and glided perfectly. My doubts were not justified, and this is undoubtedly very encouraging! At the same time, throughout the game, we were accompanied by the sensual aroma of Baileys, which gave sex a special atmosphere.


Of the minuses, I can only note an uncomfortable bottle – it is hard to take it with slippery hands, it just tends to jump out of your hands, and the cap sometimes does not close tightly, which can cause the gel to leak out. However, perhaps these are just my quibbles, but it does not change the general opinion – this gel is gorgeous!

Life hack

To make the caresses even more interesting and pleasant for both partners, you can add a little hot coffee to them: Lubricate the partner's genitals with Baileys lubricant gel and take a sip of hot coffee. You can hold the drink in your mouth for a little so that the tongue warms up well, and then start the petting. This way you will get delicious coffee with Baileys and your partner – incredibly pleasant and hot sensations!


Delicious, aromatic, not sugary, gentle and soft lubricant gel that gives excellent glide during penetration and incredible sensations during oral sex. Not sticky, long-lasting, moderately thick and moderately liquid – I give it 9.5 out of 10 points (I took off 0.5 because of the cap) and recommend it to everyone who wants to diversify their games, giving them some fragrant piquancy!