What's the need for a shop to make a video?

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Do the videos help your shops in their working routine? Are the sales going up? Are these videos difficult to make? Questions like this were addressed to a number of wholesale and retail companies.

Today we are sharing examples of such videos and the first opinions about whether the companies should take up such video practice, what the videos' content should be, who is their target audience, whether it is better to hire professional actors or common people.

Vadim, Khimitch, ero boutiqueХ-Маркет

We make product reviews exclusively. It helpful a big deal in the working process, and what is important is not the result, but the very person who has to do with this area. During the recording of a video, at least one person who has really taken the product into his or her hands, is present. It is not the same to just picking up some information about an item through reading it on a website, or having heard of it in a training session. Such person can run this video on his or her computer of any type, provided the Internet connection, of course, and comment upon it. That is what really helps in our work. 

Can it attract customers? I can't remember of any real case. We haven't got direct statistics. Many companies have their videos made and posted, still, you can never know whether people will seek for you after having watched your videos or similar ones. So, the goal here is not just attracting customers, but making them aware of a product, as well as educating the staff. 

To make a video like this is not so difficult. Still, there are some peculiarities, as they are in every area. Our videos have no specific target audience. The audience is defined by the very product: the we-vibe has one sort of followers, and the anal plug' audience is different. 

We are planning to continue making and posting new videos about a variety of goods, including their properties and characteristics. Our customers are never shown in our videos, still the videos are real, and this is their specific value. As usual, you can see a product in a woman's beautiful hands. However, if the girls feel like testing something behind the scene, they are allowed to. (The product is just written off afterwards). That is how the voice-over narration appear. After such test drive, this text sounds more true to life.

We also make another kind of videos, real and regularly posted, with the Comedy Club's residents, along with photo sessions at our shops if the idea has been approved. 

Alex Wise, Orgasmix pleasure boutique 

We are not filming anything at present. At this stage, we have got plenty of video staff from the intimate goods' manufacturers, we are currently working on it. Every video of this sort needs additional development-we supply the video with a preview cover in a specific style, with subtitles, and translation for videos in a foreign language, and with the final shot with our contact information for people to know where to buy a particular product.

As we are selling online, a video presentation of an item helps the customer to take a decision. For example, many clients report they have been surprised by the big size of the stimulator Satisfier Pro2, while in our videos it is shown against a palm size, so its dimension is quite clear. The video on the Satisfier has been shared by its manufacturer. I myself find it pretty strange that shops are not using their opportunity to post such videos on their website.

The sales of goods represented in a video are higher, in comparison with the pieces within the same price range, but never shown nor commented upon. Besides, the videos are attracting the web site's visitors. In future, we plan to make reviews on highly demanded goods, telling people how to use them, take care of them and sharing a personal opinion on these goods' quality compared to similar products.

We are making videos for our customers, so there is no homogenic audience-each video has its target audience, that will probably use this product. A video can be addressing the intimate games' newcomers, the ordinary housewives, or the experienced users. It is important to let the customer decide whether this item is suitable for him or her. In case the video proves bad, or the item is shown as an eyesore, we don't post it.

Actual customers are unlikely to leave such feedback. I think, most reviews are made with the participation of sex shops' employees, sex bloggers and actors.