Sexshopper's memoirs. First Top and Big Check

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Are you tired of waiting? We continue to publish a story about how a girl came to work in a sexshop and what came of it. Part five.


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The young man fr om the fourth part followed the girl, and I remained in the store. Such stories then, I must confess, happened to me more than once. Sad situation: lack of communication and the ability to tactfully talk about what worries a person.

Sad stories in a sex shop are not uncommon, but today I want to tell you about my first Top buyer. It was impressively cool, intensely scary, and pretty lucrative at the same time.

I have already moved to work in a million-store (this was the name of the shops where the monthly profit was more than a million rubles). It happened 2 months after the start of my work and, I must say, it was very fast. Working at such a sex shop is the dream of every sales assistant, since, as you know, more profit means more bonus and, accordingly, higher wages. However, getting there was not an easy task, it was important to show good results and prospects. With the second thing I had no problems, but success in monetary terms in a sex shop where there are two and a half buyers a day, was given to me with difficulty.

I was dragged there by a senior salesman from a “millioner” (thanks, Lena). And the work began.

It was a warm sunny September day. I had just finished lunch and was emotionally preparing for the evening rush of visitors. The door opened quietly enough, and a middle-aged man appeared on the threshold. He was well-built and quite tall. Looking at him I saw some nice branded sneakers, denim shorts and a Hawaiian-style shirt. His hair was pitch black, clean and perfectly styled, his eyes were covered with dark glasses, and in his hands threw was a thick wallet. He immediately came up to me from the doorway, with a slight movement of his hand lowered the frame from his nose and showed me his eyes. Surely, he somehow greeted me at that moment, but, I must confess, I do not remember at all. And I didn't remember it even after half an hour. His eyes were yellow-green, like an eagle's. He pierced me with a look and in a low velvet voice absolutely calmly, but in a rather commanding tone he said:

– Show me wh ere your whips are.

In an instant I felt my knees begin to give way. I do not like it when strangers “poke me”, and then I was also outraged, but as if under hypnosis I silently went to the shelves.

Was I nervous? Oh yeah! And so much! He collected goods with incredible ease, asking me to take them to the checkout. A whip, then shackles, then a strap-on, then some other toys. He very clearly asked me questions about what interested him. And these were not about the price, but mainly about the quality of the products, as well as about whether I tried any of them.

There were really a lot of questions. I didn’t know the answers to everything, because I didn’t work for long and didn’t have time to learn some little things. But he answered quite harshly, and at the same time softly:

– You work here. And she must know everything about each position.

Fortunately, I had a chat with other sellers open on my computer, it helped out every time I got into a difficult situation. And it he helped that day as well.

The check came out for a little more than 25,000 rubles. At that time, it was the largest check I had ever done. Before leaving, he took the packages of goods in his hands, looked at me intently and said:

– Your eyes are incredible. I would look at you from above.

And then he left. I never saw him again.

It took me about 10 to recover from that client. I even closed the door to the store and put up a “lunch” sign because something strange was happening to me. I just sat at the counter and couldn't get to work. As if at that moment I simply forgot how to think and independently make decisions about what to do.

It was necessary to somehow get out of this situation and open a sex shop, so I called my colleague.

– Congratulations on your first big check and an illiterate Top! – she said.

Talking on the phone helped me to come to my senses and continue to work. Since then, however, my attitude towards the BDSM had become extremely cautious. Maybe from the outside it looks like entertainment in the style of “50 Shades of Gray”, but in reality, everything is much more serious. It is possible to “take away” the will from a person only with permission and carefully, and then it is important to correctly “return” it. Otherwise, it is not unclear how it all could end. In my case, it turned out a large bonus.

To be continued…