Tonis and tone

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The Tonis Myostimulator is a novelty in the world of intimate muscle simulators, produced in Russia.


Russian version

Tonis was developed by the pelvic experts and has been carefully thought out in every detail. All programs have preset workout times, as well as the muscle contraction system and resting periods for maximum efficiency and ease of use. “We can safely say that Tonis is the ideal muscle stimulator for the pelvic floor muscles, with which the user will not only solve the existing problem, but also enjoy training,” the manufacturers say.

Tonis is suitable if you need:
– fast recovery after childbirth and / or gynecological operations;
– prepare for childbirth;
– to carry out the preventive procedures against age-related changes;
– enhance the pleasant sensations of sex;
– increase control over the bladder;
– eliminate problems caused by a decrease in the tone of the pelvic floor muscles.

Tonis is different from its analogues on the market:
– the interface is in Russian – the procedure for working with the simulator is intuitive and convenient;
– 14 ready-made workout programs – the user just needs to sel ect the required workout and press “Start”;
– the unique hollow shape of the probe allows the probe to be clearly fixed in the area of muscle work;
– the presence of an indicator on the probe allows you to control the correct installation of the probe and visual muscle work;
– 3 years warranty – confidence in the quality of the product;
– modern design – aesthetic pleasure when using Tonis;
– availability of individual programs for men.

And also, the advantages of the simulator are:
– the ability to conduct classes at home;
– simplicity and ease of use;
– individual dosing of the load;
– an increase in the volume, strength and tone of intimate muscles;
– normalization of reflex muscle activity.

– the TONIS myostimulator;
– vaginal probe;
– a wire for connecting the probe to the myostimulator;
– an indicator of muscle tension / relaxation for the probe;
– a wire and an adapter for charging the device;
– a storage bag;
– a manual in Russian.

Like any myostimulator, Tonis has contraindications. You should refrain fr om using such a simulator in the following cases:
– the presence of a pacemaker or metal implants;
– 12 weeks after childbirth or pelvic surgery;
– the presence of a metal-containing intrauterine device;
– during pregnancy, it is forbidden to use a muscle stimulator without the permission of a doctor;
– cervical cancer;
– unhealed scars, wounds and other damage to the vaginal mucosa;
– epilepsy.

The description of the simulator is provided by the manufacturer.