Spark with girls’ best friends

Le Frivole , Lingerie , game costumes

The Russian company Le Frivole has created a new collection of lingerie with rhinestones.


Russian version

This collection is meant not only to show the gracefulness of the body but also to add certain atmosphere to the image, highlight gracefulness and preciousness of the partner’s beauty.

All items are made of silky threads that ensure they fit excellently. The rhinestones are high quality and give bright and deep glitter without any blur – no wonder each package bear a mark “with diamonds”. It is this glitter that gave the collection its name “Spark”.

The first set has only five models – all are black fishnets: two overalls (with accesses and classical), two kinds of pantyhose (with access and classical) and a long-sleeved body.

As the Le Frivole representatives say, in summer 2021 there will be an update to the collection: new things will be added – stockings and new colors to all other items.