Five cool affordable vibrators

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Is your budget limited? The author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members” will come to the rescue, help you choose the best in terms of price-quality ratio and not miss.

Text and photos: Lena and her members

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In 2012 Lena in search of a budget sex toy, had to choose between a battery-powered Wanda and a string member. Neither one nor the other was cool and I wanted to try everything.

We moved from 2012 to 2021, and now there are budget toys on the market. And if earlier the choice was “between two chairs”, now it is a choice of 33 pleasures. In all this, as my friend complained in confusion, the devil will break his leg. Therefore, today's text is for you and for her. I will tell you about my five favorite devices.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

If my wand was weak in 2012, and I changed the batteries in it every week, now you can snatch a real hero. This wand is powerful, waterproof and rechargeable. She will massage after work, bring you to orgasm and will not be capricious with batteries. It is ideal for relaxing interactions. You can start with light teasing vibrations, go to a deep massage, and only then move on to the genitals (or not if you don't want to).

It is good for partner sex, you can take turns controlling it or blindfold your partner and touch different areas of the body. Wand can either tease you a little or bring you to ecstasy in a few minutes – in short, it's up to you how to use it.

The Wand-er Woman has a long handle, so you can reach your calves, lower back and all parts of the body that crave their fair share of sensual massage. There are 10 vibration modes in total, and each mode has five speeds. So, you can find the perfect pattern for yourself.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+

This device barely dropped into this collection due to its cost, but I really wanted to add it here! It costs less than 5,000 with just a promo code, but it's literally magical. So many possibilities were crammed into a toy of this value! But the fact remains – there is a divine vacuum clitoral stimulator on the market for less than five pieces!

This device is very smart. He knows how to synchronize with a smartphone, create individual patterns and approach the issue of orgasm in a comprehensive manner. In Curvy 1+, they also introduced 11 levels of air stimulation, and 6 vibration modes (you can use them both together and separately). So, if you don't know which type is right for you, Curvy will find out.

The device has a large bell, so it will fit with most clit heads. I even advised transgender people at the time of transition (the head of the clitoris increases from therapy), and even here we had a match. This toy has long been in the “chosen one” in my heart, therefore it is presented to my friends with enviable regularity!

MoyToy Due

I tried to collect a selection of various devices, so meet my favorite rabbit from the MoyToy brand. With two motors, intuitive controls, rechargeable battery and its own storage bag. Okay, to be honest, I fell in love not even with the price-quality combination (which is a cannon here!), But with this banana color. Seriously, is it even legal to play on my love of bananas?

The toy is soft and flexible, adapts to different, not even very standard use cases. I loved to bend it up a little so that the trunk rests against the back wall of the vagina. The clitoral process at this time is pressed as tightly as possible into the head of the clitoris and quickly brings to orgasm.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret

Sexy Secret by Satisfyer is a device about secret, exciting games. This is a small and budget clitoral stimulator that magnetically clings to underwear and becomes a companion for the next date. It is controlled from a smartphone, so you can hand over control to a partner and transfer control to the wrong hands.

A toy is good for enhancing desire, because, honestly, you want to run home to bed, and not continue to sit in the cinema or cafe. Of the tangible drawbacks: the motor is downright weak. So, the device is about the game, teasing and foreplay, rather than about a riot of colors and pre-orgasmic convulsions. Best suited for people with high sensitivity of the clitoris.

Iroha Stick

The most affordable but still awesome toy from the collection! So many thanks have already been written to me about it that I'm really starting to think that this is too low a price for the device. The Stick is a lipstick-shaped device with simple controls on the bottom and incredible silicone.

It works to warm up and relieve tension. You can fit into both relaxation in the middle of working days, and partner sex! The device works on a battery, but it does not sit down quickly for me, so you can safely buy.

All of these devices are my favorites. I come back to them when I want to choose a gift and please someone. Or when I want to pamper myself! The toys are good and exceed any expectations in terms of price-quality ratio. So, as you can see, budget devices not from Chinese sites are a reality. A guarantee and proven brands for such a purchase – too.

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