News from ElectraStim: FLUX and Silicone Fusion

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At the ANME exhibition ElectraStim company introduced a new line of pacemakers, Silicone Fusion, as well as FLUX model.


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The Fusion line is inspired by the brand's previous collection, Silicone Noir. The new line includes three colorful multi-functional toys, as well as several other models that are currently in development and will be released at a later date. According to a company representative, the Silicone Fusion collection combines the tenderness of material, elegance of form and functionality. This collection also includes the ElectraStim stimulator which can be purchased separately.

The line has three toys: Infinity – a silicone wheel for external electrical stimulation, Komodo – a multifunctional dildo, and Habanero – a prostate massager.

The Infinity wheel, unique in the electrostimulation category, was released on the basis of the classic Wartenberg wheel, but they added a small zest to it: smooth and delicate silicone makes the toy more aesthetic, while electrostimulation gives you all the sensations you need.

Komodo Electro Dildo can be used both for external stimulation (for example, by simply pressing it to different parts of the body) and for internal stimulation if you want more sensations.

The Habanero Electro Prostate Massager is based on its predecessor, the Sirius Prostate Massager. It is sleeker but heavier and at the same time more gentle and flexible which allows you to use it even while sitting and regulate the level of stimulation yourself. In addition, this massager has perfect anatomical precision which guarantees absolute pleasure. The average suggested prices for these toys are $65, $99 and $99 respectively.

The new Flux stimulator from ElectraStim is the quintessence of the brand's bestsellers, with 99 power levels, a wide range of operating modes, and two new motion control modes. The price of the device is $359.

As explained by a company representative, the Flux model has enhanced audio control from an external input, and two new modes for controlling the intensity of stimulation first proposed by Flick & Tilt: thanks to the built-in accelerometer, the lightest movement is captured and this allows you to change the level of stimulation from subtle to powerful.

The device has 20 built-in programs (Wave & Pulse) and a new Zero Override option. This option allows you to save the selected stimulation mode whereas previously it reset if the user selected a new mode.

Also, the new Flux has a bright OLED display, which displays all the necessary information: the level of stimulation intensity, mode, battery level, etc.

This stimulator has a sturdy case and is packed in a cardboard box. It also comes with four conductive plates, two output cables, a USB charging cable, a Line-In cable, a warranty card, and a quick start guide.

A short training on how to use the device can be done via Skype.

Based on materials from the XBIZ website and the official ElectraStim website.