kGoal: the first training results and questions about the exercise machine

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Our female tester has reported on the first results from trainings with kGoal. The questions she has got, were have addressed to Aliona Smirnitskaya, the senior customer service manager of kGoal Russia.


Here is the report.

This test, actually, has little to do with sex, it is more about health, and the problems many women face. If there is a possibility to solve those problems with exercise, instead of pharmaceutical drugs or a surgery, it proves very important. Almost everybody has heard of Kegel exercises, even gynecologists talk about their effectiveness with their patients. However, to say the truth, how many women are actually ready to do those exercises regularly? With this regard, the basis of kGoal is the idea playful training that looks far more perspective. Such exercise is not boring! Games always make you get involved. The results come as part of a game.

I have been suffering from such conditions as occasional urinary incontinence and loosening of vaginal walls, I was eager to test whether those exercises can benefit me. Thus, when I was offered kGoal for testing, I agreed with pleasure. The process of training is not difficult, the key point is having to squeeze the intimate muscles with varied strength and duration. The effort you are making is sent to the application installed on your smart phone thanks to a specific sensor introduced into the vagina. The compression is used as managing action in three games: Bricks, Copy the figure and Moving target. 

Following the instruction, you need to let the air out of the balloon (a small punching bag to be introduced into the vagina), introduce it and inflate it, pressing the button at its grip. The exercise device will "take the form of the vagina". It is not exactly as true as one may expect from this expression. It doesn't inflate completely, some parts inflate, others-remain wrinkled. The next stage follows. You need to connect the device to the application installed on your smart phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this process takes significantly longer than 30 seconds indicated in the instruction. So, imagine you are lying ready for exercise, with a sensor introduced into your vagina, and you have to wait about five minutes until the device and the smart phone get interconnected. The application’s interface is not handy, it takes time to understand its principle when used for the first time. Later usage is no problem.

So, the magic moment has come. The air is released, the device is inflated, the sensor is introduced and the two electronic devices are interconnected. You are to start the training. You feel better at once, as it proves funny to hit the ball with your intimate muscles' effort. You are gradually involved into the process and, when you are told the training is over, you feel surprised, so rapid it has seemed. However, you are free to repeat it. Still, during the testing period, I never felt ready to do it three times in a row.

The most interesting point is about the first results. I have been training for a month, not arduously, two or three times a week, it is not much. And I noted the following. The frequency of the urge to urinate has decreased significantly. I used to have the necessity of visiting the toilet once, two or even three times on my rather short way from home to work. Nowadays, to my surprise, I get to work carefree, reminded of such small necessity only later. Such result is worth training!

Another point is to be highlighted. The exercise device has got a kind of feedback: when the muscles are compressed, it starts vibrating. You can switch this option off, it is up to you. But, thanks to it, it seems clear whether the exercise device has caught your effort or not. At the end of the training, I frequently had a desire of taking an ordinary dildo to complete the exercise with a pleasant final.

Questions and answers

Aliona Smirnitskaya, the senior customer service manager, has answered the questions of our tester. Similar questions may be of interest to other female users of the exercise device, even if they have studied the instruction up and down.

1. Do I need to let the sensor take my shape every time I use it? Can I get it inflated inside the body only once and leave it ready for later?

It is necessary to control the sensor's shape before each training starts. The muscles are getting stronger over time, so, the vagina's shape will also change. 

2. A question related to the first one. What is the best storage way for the device: being inflated or maintaining the shape it has got while training?

It doesn't matter. However, in any case, it is easier to clean it when inflated, so, it is more comfortable to store it this way.

3. How can I take care of my device in order to have it well-functioning? It seems to be rather "fragile".

We recommend that you should buy a specific antibacterial solution for intimate items' cleaning, Clear Toy, it is very soft and alcohol-free. You should only use water-based lubricants. Those silicone and oil-based ones are incompatible with devices made of medical-purpose silicone. A bag for keeping the device is supplied.

4. Can this device be washed with tap water? I have read it can't be immersed into water. 

Better not. You must not allow water to cover the escape valve or the charger's slot. If you haven't got a cleaning solution, you can wipe the device with cotton and soap liquid, then water only, and have it dried with a paper napkin.

5. Nowadays, specific cleaners for sex toys are becoming popular. Can I use them?

Yes, you can. As I have just said, those specific cleaners are the best possible solution.

6. Do I need to make any additional cleaning after using the cleaners? What if I use the cleaner solely?

It is enough to spray the cleaner twice on the device and dry it well with a napkin.

7. The results depend on the training mode, don't they? What's the effect of each of the modes?

To a certain extent, they do. All the playing modes are meant for rising the muscles' strength, control and performance. However, each mode is focused on one of the parameters listed above. The game called "Bricks" has much to do with lasting performance. The game called "Copy the figure" is to develop the muscles' control and management skills, while the game "Moving target" develops the strength. Knowing that, you may opt for this or that mode, considering your objective.

8. Do I need to observe the trainings' order? 

No, you don't. The order is not important. You should have regular practice, though. 

9. Is there any difference in settings for the beginners and the experienced users?

The settings are made automatically. During the first training session, the application is to define the muscles' development level for the moment. As soon as the muscles get stronger, the load will also grow automatically.

10. If I have reached my goal, which mode can I use to maintain the results?

To maintain the result, we recommend that you should exercise two or three times a week, with sessions from five to ten minutes each. 

I will also talk about the trainings' duration in other cases. If you have some problems, urinary incontinence or the walls' loosening, for example, you should exercise daily, with sessions from five to ten minutes, until you reach some positive results.

In case you have no problems, but you wish to get your muscles strengthened, the sessions will take from five to ten minutes, three of four times a week.

If you need rapid improvement, you can exercise twice a day, with sessions up to fifteen minutes each, but not more than this. 

11. Isn't it dangerous for health to have the Bluetooth module working applied close to the body, the genitals?

No harm is done to your health. The device is completely safe.

12. Tell me about the application for Android, its latest update, please.

The previous versions for iPhone had three games, the Android application had two. A month ago, Minna Life made an update for Android to have three games. It took some time to get the statistics, detect the probable errors. Now, when we are sure that everything operates well, we have made the preview. 

13. The only downside I have found is about very long time the connection by Bluetooth takes. It is not about 30 seconds, indicated by the application, it is up to 2 minutes, sometimes, the connection can be made. What's the possible reason for it? It is correct trying to establish the connection when the device is introduced in to the vagina?

You can seek the connection before or after the device is introduced, it doesn't matter.

As for the issue of the long reply. You have got Android, I suppose. With Android, the connection really takes a bit longer. Such problems, unfortunately, are due to smart phones, the device is ok. Similar problems exist between Android and other devices, working through bluetooth. It can also depend on your smart phone's particular characteristics. I could tell you more if you give me your smart phone type. In any case, the problems can to be solved, you only need to turn to our managers for advice.

Appreciation note

The exercise device has been provided for the test by the company  "Supplier of Happiness".